Matchmaking times are getting ridiculous

Battleborn is such a great game, but the time it takes to find a game is only getting worse and is making it almost unplayable. Considering most games last about 10-20 minutes due to surrendering or rage-quitting, it is absolutely ridiculous that it is taking upwards of 30 minutes to find a game. This is pretty much the only thing majorly wrong with the game and i really hope gearbox fix this as it is no fun waiting to play for so long.


It could be easily fixed if quit-during-map-voting or quit-in-the-first-three-minutes matches would be assigned LFGing players. Opt-outable, of course.

Having no issues with queues even on PC(the supposedly doomed version of the game).

I don’t know though, I have a sub 50% win rate(probably the only game I’ve ever had that in) due to what appears to be my blessing/curse of always getting the noobies or DC’s on my team. I’ve somewhat gathered that having a high win % seems to affect the wait time, maybe intentionally tank some games to get down with the scrubs? Haha

I’m on the East coast (South East) and have not been able to get into a Meltdown match for the last hour. Exited and reconnected with no luck. Still waiting. Never had this happen to me. Maybe East coast server issues?

i’m from england and it also took me an hour so it’s probably not to do with zones, i’m not sure what the issue is to be honest but an hour wait is just crazy!

Maybe I’m just lucky, or only play the peakest of peak hours … But I’ve almost never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a match.

The few times it took longer than that, I dropped out of queue, jumped back in, and found a match almost instantly.

There may be something buggy with the queue system, needs a kick in the pants every now and then.

All morning, no matches available on meltdown for last 3 hours. Had to get into Incursion and played with lower Commander Ranking players, which was fine. I’m starting to think their is an issue with the ranking system and how the matchmake. There needs to be a timer… if after a 3 minute wait no same level players are available then next available players should be able to match with you.

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You’re also playing very very off-peak hours.

Most people have work or school.

Matchmaking in the mornings on a weekday is going to be slower. I’m taking a half-day today, so we’ll see how things are in a few hours.

yeah but it seams like Meltdown is dead on my end when I have friends that I see are getting into matches. I just switched regions in Steam to Spain and got instant matched; was in Atlanta and then NYC with poor results.

Bots, bots, bots, please add bots to automatically fill in empty queue without the players even knowing.

The better you are, the harder it will be for the game to find players at your skill level.
Good thing I really suck at PvP. The game has no issues finding new or lousy players for me to play with!

Peak time, only 1700 players in game (so says steam), long waits for matches against premades.

I generally wait 30+ minutes to finally get a team of 5… And then another 30+ minutes chatting in lobby to find an opposing team.

Right now, Im a level 43 in a lobby of 100s trying to find the magical team that will match our skill level in order to play T_T OH GOD WHY. Do I need to start feeding so that I can find matches? =(

EDIT: it only took 10 minutes! happy day!

Wait, it takes half an hour to join a match? And I thought it was something wrong on my end. I have not been ever been able to join a match, mostly because I expected it to take about four minutes tops.

Game is hurting for players.

Not exactly rocket science here people.

Doesn’t help that when I finally do get a match, its against a full premade filled with OP characters that win in five minutes. Very close to just uninstalling, game seems done for at this point.

the waits are getting longer… feels like this game is going the way of evolve.

depends on the game mode for me, and who i am playing with. if i am playing with teammates of equal skill level, there are times we literally cannot get a game in meltdown regardless of how long we wait. i can take the same team and jump into incursion and find games fast. i think the elo is not a universal score. idk. maybe @Jythri can clear that up for me. if my team has a relatively high elo and we typically only play meltdown, does that elo transfer to other game modes? because if it does and i am able to find incursion game so quickly, it must mean there simply aren’t many people playing meltdown.

hopefully they loosen up the skill based matchmaking noose just a bit so we can find games. i think the most fun matchmaking is when they put some good and some not so good on each team. then i would exclusively play the game solo, because it would be a blast

There is a different ELO bracket for each multiplayer mode selection.So, it’s very possible that you might have longer waits in one pool than you would in another.

Certain regions with lower populations are also experiencing longer queue times. On Steam, you might try changing your download region to an area that might have more players during the time you are playing. Your ping will be worse, but your match time will likely be better.

We’re working on making our region and skill threshold matching work more effectively. For the time being, we have capped the ELO ranges, so if you are a frequent winner or a frequent loser, you should find yourself with larger populations at the high end and low end.

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i live in the US, and i play console. i think it has a lot to do with the time of night that i play as well. i typically play extremely late. but if i switch to incursion i find games instantly. this would be because i do not play much incursion, purposely play a character im terrible with, and typically do not do very well lol. but meltdown i take very seriously. kinda hard to find games when i queue with friends