Matchmaking Times are Unacceptable, Ps4 East Coast

10+ minutes for me now. Level 73, Ps4, East Coast, Saturday afternoon. I’m on the most populous system, in the most populous ( Ps4 gamer wise) country, on the free-est day of the week. Please reduce whatever chokehold is preventing me from finding people quickly because I am getting immense matchmaking times on the most ideal conditions you could ask for because if this continues, I’ll be leaving Battleborn. No gameplay is worth it when you have to wait so long even to start a match.

Do you complain about waiting in lines for roller coasters? What about at the grocery store? Why should it be any different to play a 30 minute game with 9 other people from around the world?

What is the point of all these post complaining about matchmaking times?

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Please continue this discussion in this existing topic regarding MM on PS4.
Lets keep all the feedback in one place :heart:

Arizona here, 1-3 minutes in between rounds at all times. B3

Because matchmaking in decently popular games should never have people waiting 10+ minutes for a single round. Is this your first online game? Because you don’t seem to have any concept of what a good matchmaking time is. If you’re fine zoning out for 10+ minutes just to play a videogame, you’re in the vast minority and NOT what any developer aims for. Unless you can give me an example of a game where the developer was fine with matchmaking taking 10+ minutes? No? Good.

Please stay civil and respectful here. Thanks.

MM is different for every person, it seems rather random to me. So far I saw topics from all over the world, and wherever people complain some others from the same area say they have no issues at all.
Its about personal experiences - therefore its not productive to make big assumptions and to up rank a personal experience into a common issue and vise versa.

As stated before, please continue this discussion in this topic to keep all things together.