Matchmaking too... easy?

Out of the last 25 matches shown in the match history, I’ve lost 3. I play solo queu ONLY. (Haven’t partied up in over a week) also been playing a variety of capture, incursion, and meltdown, although it’s much harder for me to find a meltdown game and have been playing a variety of characters.

I’m starting to get bored because of how often I’ve been winning, my overall W/L ratio is up to 63%, and I’ve won about another 25 prior to this basically in a row. While beating people consistently is fun, after a while it gets really boring even with new characters, because it’s the same old thing every time. I don’t have many problems with the matchmaking but having a W/L above 90% in my last 50 games just takes the fun out of it, especially when there are days when I will get my ass kicked EVERY game, and it will be the exact opposite, winning 3 out of 15. Anyone else have this problem? I see bad teams all the time but this is just a different level.

Also, is there a way to check how many matches per mode you’ve played?

I think this is just a normal multiplayer experience. In CoD Ghosts I just about always played with a full team and I think I had a 12WL or 92% WL lol.

Playing with a team of competent people will have this effect. What OP is pointing out is that he is doing the same solo. Its much harder to win 90% of the time when there is a good chance of getting a derp on your team.

Im kinda in the same boat as OP. Im sitting around 75% win rate and play solo 95% of the time. Generally when I lose its not because the other team was better, but someone on my team quit/afk/full rtard (3 minion kills as Kleese at the end of 20 mins are you kidding me?)

But to be fair if someone looses then someone else wins. So in theory if someone has a 5 to 1 WL someone else has 1 to 5. I think ranked MM would help this a little bit.

Exactly my point, now in my recent matches it only shows one loss. That really shouldn’t be happening, some of them are fun because of how close they are but it’s a little dumb almost.

The real problem right now though is that its taking matchmaking too long to find a game, so it is widening the skill gap. To me, it looks like the skill margin swings so far that it might as well jsut grab random people without considering skill. I have had some extremely bad players in my games the last week (both on my team and against).

If you try and tighten up matchmaking to create better games its never going to find you a match. Ranked playlists might help this, but adding another playlist is only going to make long queues longer.