Matchmaking- top 3 complaints?

I’ve been reading a lot of complaints about matchmaking so I figured I would start this discussion, and address the most mainstream complaints.

TIME- yes waiting to assemble 2 teams vs eachother could take a while. I would question how large the player pool BB has. But honestly, waiting a few minutes isn’t all that bad… I think people overreact with the waiting time. More times then not I experience a team forming, and just as we’re about complete- someone drops out, and the chain effect begins. That’s the players to blame over the system.

HIGH RANKS VS LOW RANKS- In my opinion this is the most comical complaint. I’ve played with a random team, no headsets- and we beat a full partied team, with the lowest rank being 90. They surrendered and the game ended 250-14 in incursion.
Just because someone plays a game a lot doesn’t mean they’re all-stars at it. Yes it is more likely that they’ll have a better understanding, and characters mutations, gear, etc. but don’t leave matchmaking because you see a high rank… most of the time you’ll learn from the better players anyway.

LEFT MATCH- this is probably the worst of it all. Someone who leaves a match pretty much ruins the game. Of course you can win a man down, but as the game gets older, more people know what to do in the game. This was easy to not complain about when the game first started, but when someone leaves my team I’m 99% ready to immediately surrender.

Honestly I have faith that things will be sorted out per patch, I think this is a REALLY great game. It’s a shame it’s not getting the attention it deserves.

What are your guys thoughts on the matchmaking?

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I’ve seen so many comparisons to Overwatch. Without talking about the quality of design of either game, I will touch on one technical detail. During the open beta I had to wait longer for matches on average compared to Battleborn. So, I don’t feel that the time to wait for a match is too terrible. It’s comparable to MOBAs that I have played. I know Battleborn is a hero shooter, but it has MOBA elements.

As for rank gaps, people have been complaining about this since the early days of CoD. Even though it is not an aggregate of skill. Instead of fretting and doubting yourself, play your best. Chances are that they are beating you because you already accepted defeat.

Leavers are probably the biggest problem. Make repeat leavers wait in a multiplayer queue for up to ten minutes. And no, you shouldn’t be able to wait that time outside of multi. What I mean is that, you shouldn’t be able to go play a story mission then come back and find a match. If you want to play multi after frequently leaving matches, you should have to wait ten minutes before it will begin searching for a match. Maybe thirty seconds if you have left two matches back to back. After that though, the punishment should be far more severe. Three matches - two minutes. Four matches - five minutes. Five matches - ten minutes.

No mic play should be improved. You can view the map on console if you hold the teleport button. Why not allow for character callout wheels if you hold the taunt button? This way team members can quickly form a rough strategy of who’s going where.

Actually leavers are the biggest problem both in PvP and Story mode. In Story mode, if the team votes another mission than they want, they leave before character choose even opens up. In multiplayer, the other team gets a minor lead, they vote for surrender, or leave asap. I can’t understand it why. Maybe there should be some sort of punishment for constant leavers, ie. they can’t queue again for public matches for ie. 30 mins or an hour. Now the game just pops a window up to warn the leaver that their previous match is still going, but they can simply escape it and queue for a new one.

I absolutely agree that people who leave games should be penalized.

And this game is in no way like Overwatch. Honestly Overwatch is just Call of Duty with heroes… I find that to get boring fast. I love the strategy in BB, and how story mode has RPG elements with boss drops, etc.

Why? These aren’t ranked games, so why should someone be penalized for leaving? No rules saying they need to stay in.

Because it ruins the experience for other players. If you want to be able to leave go ahead but you should totally have to suffer losing credits and or Command Rank. I played about 5 matches last night where someone quitting could directly be blamed for our loss. Yes there should be repercussions for those who have no problem selfishly ruining the game for others.

Not saying there aren’t legit reasons for having to jump out of game but they gotta do something to prevent mass holes who just quit because they didn’t get the hero or map they wanted etc…


I agree that it sucks, but it’s not the player’s fault that the game has no failsafes for quitters. Once Ranked play rolls out, then players should get penalized for quitting. But right now, it’s all casual play.

HIGH RANKS VS LOW RANKS- In my opinion this is the most comical complaint. I’ve played with a random team, no headsets- and we beat a full partied team, with the lowest rank being 90. They surrendered and the game ended 250-14 in incursion.

I think everyone has this anecdote, but it’s overshadowed by the other 9/10 times when the higher ranked team absolutely pummels me. You’re right: Command Rank is only a measure of how long someone has played, and not necessarily of actual talent, but someone at level 5 has no business playing against someone at level 50. At such a low level, you’ve probably only played as one or two characters, and you might not have even won on an particular map (I didn’t finally win a match on Coldsnap until I was in the 20’s). At this point, CR is the only ranking system we have, and it would make sense to avoid that kind of massive experience gap. Experience gives you character and map familiarity, as well as more exposure to common techniques and tactics. I’m not saying that you can’t have some level spikes, but I’ve been in multiple games in which every player on the opposing team was ranked higher than my own team’s highest player.

In general, I try to look at it as a learning opportunity, even if my team is getting trounced I like to see if I can change up my strategy and make some sort of comeback, but it’s really frustrating to be stuck with players who don’t know what’s going on, playing against 5 people who all understand the nuances of the particular character/map/gametype.

I have to agree it’s casual play and i don’t think there should be penalties for leaving PVP or PVE. I agree it makes it harder but that’s where the challenge comes into play, by no means am i any good at PVP but i bang blame people for leaving.