Matchmaking - TVHM M4 Proving Grounds Maliwan Takedown

Love the game just concerned, I’m bummed about it and haven’t played much lately.
On XBox
Is it me or is it VERY difficult to get a team for anything especially if wanting to play TVHM M4 (and yes I know I can play other difficulties)
I have yet been able to find a team to play M4 Maliwan Takedown and complete it.
Not big on social media or friends list because I’m more of a solo playing but love the multiplayer in this game but just able to punch the higher difficulties with POG :frowning:
Any suggestions on getting groups or is there an issue with matchmaking?

Gamer tag: PitKingAD (send request thanks)

I have a few friends who do the raid often, more than welcome to send me a message to run it with you, my gamertag is the lemonader

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Thanks & Thanks for the idea also. Added my gamer tag to the message