Matchmaking unbelievably bad - solo q vs premade all day

winter update did nothing for matchmaking

yeah game is better in most respects. reward system is a lot better

however matchmaking is just solo q against endless premades, getting farmed

often my team get very little or no kills in pvp. the premade always chooses the game mode cuz they consolidate votes. the various currencies from pvp losses make progress glacially slow

i’m talking 15-20 matches just to level up after 20, and similarly slow command ranks, lore progression. just everything is glacial since solo q is stuck facing premades all the time again. just feels like a colossal waste of time

i only do the stories once so that ain’t keeping me around. if i wanted to repeat pve ad nauseum i’d do destiny. The pvp experience is the unique part of battleborn. Can’t even get a capture match anymore cuz it never gets the vote.

I guess i’m done til bot battles come back. So many other games with better matchmaking. Solo q doesn’t exist to shorten premade q times. This is what chased out all the pvp solo q before the winter update.

Or…crazy idea… just put solo q only against other solo q

Just killin me.


I don’t know if this is just me but when I’m not in a full team I always end up with level 100 + people while the other team gets low levels. No idea why the favouritism, but surly there could be some swapping.

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Out of curiosity, how do you know they are all pre mades as opposed to just match making issues?

well ya got the split screeners that are completely obvious and then you can tell if a team is a premade by watching how they play that indicates coordination. Many ways to tell. Not really gonna get into it so some douche can argue that it happens in pugs as well. Certain levels of coordination are basically impossible with a pug.

occasionally they can be randoms who are on ingame chat together, forming a medium version of a premade.

gbox just hid the premades at the match screen instead of separating them. They would have no need to hide them if they weren’t still matching solo q against partial and full premades.

See the premade q times can get long if they don’t use solo q players as putty to fill in gaps for the q’s. So gbox decided it was worth wasting solo q’s time to reduce the premade’s q times.

any kind of real solo q matchmaking wouldn’t have chain landslide pvp matches either

partial and full premades mess generally ruin solo q’s experience with a game. they start quitting hella fast if they stop having fun. devs figure they won’t quit with a certain level of premade matches.

This is why a lot of new games nowadays go for 50% win ratios. They’ll slam you with a premade then put you against a bunch of solo q that are skilled less than your team to even it out. Overwatch does this a lot. Titanfall does this. You don’t burn out when you get your share of wins. But when it feels hopeless and you have no control over it, why bother?

Part of the jacked up matchmaker in bborn is the lobby system. It should be like other matchmakers where they just fill a lobby and then divide it up for fairness. They could also add auto balancing and handicaps that kick in. Very few solo q’s are gonna hang with glacial progress and tons of losses. It just gets old fast. You basically burnout.

My god dude when they were showing the premades at the lobby I counted 19 premades in a row. No joke. We did beat one but you lose the vast majority. I burnt out.

This system hasn’t changed. All of the solo q quit during that period. It was just a few premades q’ing up to kill the new players on a regular basis, who would then quit immediately.

A bad matchmaker can destroy an online pvp game fast. Bborn has one of the worst.

This is why you saw such joy from so many people about bot battles. Then you got premades complaining that they had nobody to farm and had to settle for reduced points from bot battles or just not play.

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Why do you want bot battles? so you can pub-stomp like pre-mades?

Because it sounds to me like you’re exactly the right person to join a pre-made team since you like steam rolling bots haha

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic the last few days, in no small part because it keeps getting brought up over and over and also because ever since the people i came in to BB with have all moved on to other things , like Warframe, or tagging me in a friends list message and spamming stuff about NBA2K which i could honestly care less about. So i’m almost always in the solo queue. It’s nice when i actually find myself on a team of solid players who can execute some basic strategy and sort of hold their own against other groups which are probably set up like that. Then i’ll get thrown on a team with zero coordination and no matter how much i urge them on try to come up with a plan, nobody will get on mic. As luck may have it, this is usually when i get thrown up against premades, and i try to hold my own for as long as i can, but as the minions grow stronger things just snowball

I realized that instead of bemoaning the matchmaking, i just need to start finding people to play with again. This game is at its best when you can coordinate with other people


You should just make some friends and try make a premade of your own. I’ve made loads of buddies on battleborn, the community is great, all you gotta do is ask to group up!


Steam rolling bots has NOTHING to do with stream rolling players.

Bots don’t care. They don’t need exp. They don’t have feelings. They can’t be new players.
I even ■■■■■■■ taunt bots just for ■■■■■ 'n giggles while I would never do that to a low levelplayer.

I like wrecking bots, but I’d never, EVER do that to new players. If I am in a pre-made with friends(And yes, I do that all the time because I like playing with friends. T_T) and we are up against really low level people, we go easy on them.

I use bots to farm Fours Sensetive, Pentastrike, BADA BADA BOOOOOM and I’d NEVER do that to real players. Farming/steam rolling bots =/= Farming/steam rolling new players.


The problem is that if you group up then the problem is exactly the same, you just happen to be on the other side of the fence.

Also for a lot of people, they just want to hop on and play a few games without needing to micromanage friends lists, parties, wait for people to finish their matches and see if they wanna play or are already in a full team, wear uncomfortable headsets and listen to people with their mics too loud and have to adjust the ingame audio, blah blah blah. It’s actually quite a lot of hassle.

For more others who are introverted/socially anxious etc the very act of grouping up etc is tiring. I’ve played other games competitively and literally only used my mic in organised clan matches/scrims etc when I actually need to tryhard. Same type of thing in this game. I only turn on my mic if in a premade vs another. Most of the time I much prefer to play alone without mic. Which means most of the time, players like myself and the OP are at the total mercy of matchmaking, which… yeah.

Also inb4 ‘this is a teamwork-based game, you’ve picked the wrong game’ - no, this game is totally fine with solo-queue and always was up until the playerbase started to decline and premades became more prevalent/ELO system started to fail.


I have been in premades with 0 coordination once @triazic and i were in a 5 premade in meltdawon, he was reyna i was miko.

Usually as miko i go right and left lane healing and slowig minions, our team decided that the best way to play meltdown was to everyone go right and leave the healers in the left…

After that he chosed shane and i got reyna and dominated our lane.

Is not about premades… Is about players being stupid, neever ever coordinating…

Like you are ghalt and your rath decide to smash everything and you miss every pull coz the target got knocked up… Instead of save his skills for your pull…

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You know I used to do pre-made team of 5 and win every single time back 4 months ago and I stopped. I’m usually paired up with @dantesolar majority of the time now since we been battleborn buds for a long time. The point is that I remember the frustration of going against pre-made teams and struggling on multiplayer so much and it isn’t a nice feeling losing countless matches over and over again. So I stopped doing squad of 5 and I solo que now unless I’m with @dantesolar but that’s it. It isn’t healthy for the new wave of players that are coming to increase our community, that’s just my opinion and how I view it, everyone has their own.


We have been in amazing teams and dumb teams… Remember our team who never ever pushed a single time?

Or that rath who only stayed close to the sentry or the turret… Or that alani who only self healed. Or our combat miko lvl 100.


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Lol I remembered those matches haha
I especially remember the combat miko taking on a Benedict.
That Alani only cared for herself :confused:
Oh yeah that Rath was just scared playing Rath

I actually solo queue every time I boot up the game, as a tribute to people who go it alone. That said, when Pat and my crew get on late night EST, we roll together because it feels good to work as a team; but at the same time, we try to actively dodge anyone that doesn’t look like a premade, because we coordinate hard.

Ever since the Winter Update, it’s been the same way for me, I’ve been pretty bored with PvP since it’s too easy going up against new players that probably joined the game that day or the day before. I don’t think I faced a premade team since the winter update. If I have, then they weren’t very coordinated.

I guess the Winter Update didn’t work out very well for anyone, in the end, either you’re up against premades that wreck you, or you’re up against new players that you end up wrecking.

I feel like you guys only talk about the extreme ends of the spectrum.
I only play with randoms and I win the majority of my matches. Sometimes I get paired with bad players, sometimes I get paired with good players, it’s just the luck of the draw but if you aren’t winning more then half your matches it might just be you who is bringing your team down.
If my team won the match I stick with them, if they lost I’ll find a different group to play with.

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Yeah i mean that’s my experience more often than not as well but with a caveat. As i’ve said before, i don’t necessarily mind losing, and i’ve gotten curbstomped before by premades. Sort of annoying when it’s obvious that collectively the players on your team are just as good individually as the players on the premade but come up short because they won’t and/or refuse to coordinate even just a little. My winning percentage is somewhere in the neighborhood of 65 percent or so.

The caveat is that when these curbstompings happen and then they put the same losing team up against the same winning team. Again. And again. I know the population is low. I also know there isn’t only ten players playing at a given time lol

I knew it! I knew I wasn’t crazy never seeing the opposing team being grouped. I used to back out of that mess but now we’re forced to? Bring back bots…


I believe the matchmaking has gotten better for me in Incursion maps mode… Maybe, it’s because of the higher player base Xbox1 obtained through winter update. For example whenever I find myself having 2-3 low levels on my team, i also find that amount from the opponents as well.

This is not the case in ban/pick mode though. It appears a lot of the premades have taken this mode as a “competitive ranked” feature where they are entitled to play as a full premade to stomp pug groups. I’m starting to dislike draft versus. Not only because of the premades but mainly because Meltdown is constantly picked! (That mode bores me so much! )

Been playing the game for a while and yes there are actual pre made teams that literally practice together and there are pre made teams that don’t play together a lot but just join up to fill spots so the queue times are faster.

When I solo queue, my loses mostly come from teammates not knowing how to play with their character (like a Galilea not tanking and being territorial, a miko not healing, etc) or not knowing how to play the mode properly and honestly that comes with time, I get it. I had great matches in solo queue when people actually used the mic to communicate… you might not be the best player in the world but if you are pinging and just doing basic call outs to/for help you will find your matches to go more smoothly & enjoyable even with a defeat.

Hopefully maybe sometime we can have quick match solo only and versus draft for pre mades & solo-ers (don’t have a team but wants to play competitively)