Matchmaking Update, 7/8

Hello folks –

First off, let me thank all of you for your patience and support as we’ve worked on improving our matchmaking. As I said in my post to you last week, these are often complex systems that aren’t as straightforward to change as they might seem. We have some constraints (in both time and current architecture) that limit what we can do, or what we can do quickly. Furthermore, some things can only be tested by trying them out with thousands of players and then measuring the results.

That’s what we did last week!

What We Tried

Last week, we replaced the Incursion, Meltdown and Capture queues in Versus-Public with Casual, Competitive and Spotlight Battle queues. Our main goal was to shorten the time to match for all players, but allow players some choice of choosing to wait longer for a more skill-oriented match (Competitive).

We knew that taking away choice is often a hard sell, so we tried out Spotlight Battle as a way to give you some choice on a scheduled loop.

What we hoped to see was reduced time-to-match and improved accuracy in skill-matching for Spotlight and Competitive.

What We Saw & Learned

Loudly and clearly, we learned that you–our community–values choice of what to play very highly. Many of you love one particular mode, and want the choice to play that mode exclusively. While Spotlight Battle helped with that, it wasn’t enough. Most of you also expressed a preference to wait a bit longer if that provided the mode you want.

Additionally, we learned that most of you who identified yourselves as “Competitive Players” really REALLY like Incursion – Overgrowth. So much so, that when we set Incursion – Overgrowth to Spotlight Battle, the queue times for the Competitive queue increased quite a lot. The day before Spotlight appeared, however, Competitive queue had longer (but reasonably longer) queue times and often resulted in good matches.

The Casual play queue did match fairly quickly, faster than before. However, given that no matchmaking was applied there, we saw an increase in the complaints about “bad matches” and “pub stomps” where pre-assembled teams of good players went on killing sprees versus less prepared teams.

Generally, the changes we put in last week did not result in the improvements we desired.

Where We Go Next

We are bringing back our old familiar queue friends – Incursion, Meltdown, and Capture, and we are sending Casual Plan and Competitive Play queues to the time out corner. I’m not going to say we will never try those again, but we would want to wait for much different circumstances.

We’re making a few small tweaks to the three existing queues to help improve your experience, though. We did have some issue before (mostly time-to-match) and want to keep working to address those issues.

With the returned queues, you’ll see them in an order related to mode popularity: Incursion first, then Meltdown, followed by Capture. As many players tend to click the top button first, we’re going to add some weight to Incursion becoming the default choice.

Secondly, we are enabling skill-matching again on all three queues, but are loosening the constraints on matches. You’ll see a bit more variance in the skill of players you match with, but you should also be able to find matches within a reasonable time.

Where We’re Going in the Future

Matchmaking is something that we’re always watching and working on improving. With the upcoming major patch, we will have some additional dynamic control over balancing quality of match with time-to-match to help handle long, outlier match times. We’re also investigating other possibilities, but I’ll wait mentioning details of those because the timeframe of those improvements is uncertain.

Finally – thank you again for your patience and your support of Battleborn. I’m extremely grateful for all of you who took some time with these changes and provided detailed feedback of your experience. I read through every post I could find, and I take all of your feedback to heart. We are dedicated to making Battleborn the best experience possible. Sometimes, not every change is a clear win. We’ll keep working, and listening.

For Solus.


I’d give you a ton of likes if I could, Randy. Thank you for listening to us. :dukeaffirmative:


Thanks for the explanation mate.

And thanks to the entire team for doing such great work for us.


perfect. this is exactly what i think works the best for now. i think on console you could have went with a general queue for both meltdown and capture, and kept two queues for incursion: competitive and casual. idk how hard it is to implement a different option system like that on console, while having the other one just on pc, but i think it could work if it was easy enough on your end to pull that off.

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Thanks Randy,

You guys at gearbox are working hard and me as a supporting fan can see that. Keep up the good work friends.


This sounds great. Good work! Is this live on all platforms?

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I’m sad to see the all-modes queue gone, but I trust you guys did what was best in the long run. I’d love to see a return of it though. I couldn’t give a toss what I play most of the time, I just wanna play! :smiley:

This is the best change ever! Thank you.

I am surprised that meltdown is played more than capture to be honest. Of course Incursion Overgrowth is the most played and competitive mode. I enjoyed the casual vs competitive mode but also liked picking what mode I wanted. So good job trying to find the compromise!

Looking forward fior all you have in stock. Keep u pthe good work!

Sounds good.

Thank you, @Jythri and all of GBX for the change and update.

Maybe when the player base grows there will be more options available for GBX to please all types of badasses :smile:

I think thee is still a problem about matchmaking : its that we have to vote for a map. And everyone vote for Overgrowth in incursion and Paradise in Meltdown. As players will nearly never play Echelon and Coldsnap they don’t know these maps and never vote for them…

This is not a Dev fault but the players. So the solution whould be to force players to play those map randomly and not with a vote.

It make me think about game like Shootmania (or CS and LOL) where there are millions of good maps but players play the same maps for years, because they don’t know the others maps… this is so stupid


this would be a great idea, :grin:

They know the problem is still there, this is not the end. It’s just one solution at a time and given the architectural complexity of 3 platforms, and how currently hotfixes are limited, it will take more time. They tried something, it didn’t pan out. Patience. They are not done yet. In the meantime, we get the old way.


Yes ofc i know that, i was just thinking that now it’s the next big step for matchmaking to be perfect with some fix about character select screen (unlock the character to choose an other one).

I think the “pure random” queue would be cool to have as an option, but it might irritate the people who believe that choice is the strongest matchmaking consideration.


Yeah I like that idea more than having to vote for modes.

Definitely need to add that “whatever” queue so people with no PVP mode preference can fill in empty queue spots. Cheers :wink: :wine_glass:


The lesson that we all learned last week was that taking choices that players had away from them makes players mad enough to choose to play another game. Had this been the norm at launch, no one would complain about it, but since we’ve had that option this whole time it is just another bad idea.


I disagree. I played on these maps a few times, enough to get to know them and form an opinion on them.

I will not vote for Echelon nor Coldsnap, because I totally dislike these two maps. I hate the general look and layout of Echelon, and its lack of shards. For Coldsnap, the distance between lanes is too large, and you have to run quite far for the shards. As a healer I want to heal my team, not spend half of the time running between lanes.

Forcing the maps will not magically make them better. To me, Echelon and Coldsnap sit at the very bottom of the list, with Temples and Paradise at the glorious top.


Do you know that Echelon have the same number of Crystals than Overgrowth now ?