Matchmaking Updates & Observations

I don’t normally post on forums for games, but since Gearbox does read this stuff I figured I’d toss my two cents out there.

Since launch, and even moreso now with the matchmaking updates, it feels like BB punishes players who don’t have friends to group up with. I can’t even count how many times I’ve waited 15-20 minutes to start up a match, and gotten steamrolled by a 4-5 person pre-made to the point that half of my group just quits a few minutes into the match, leaving me to sit and watch the opposing team’s score go up while I either die horribly 37 times, or just sit in the spawn area with my 1-2 remaining teammates until we can surrender.

Now, I not only have to put up with that, but unless I have a group that can swing the beginning vote I have no say at all in what mode to play. Now this isn’t a dealbreaker for me per se, but in all honesty playing a mode that I dislike while getting wrecked by a pre-made group that I can guarantee is not at the same skill level as my random assortment of single and double players, no matter what the competitive matchmaking algorithm says, is killing the game for me. I love BB. I don’t want to play Overwatch or find another game. I’m not going to just give up on BB either, because I do believe Gearbox will find ways to make it better. This isn’t a whiny, give me what I think I deserve post (at least I hope it doesn’t come off like that).

I do think there are some things that might help. I don’t know if it’s feasible, but I would love to see a matchmaking update that would not only take “ranking” into account, but also the make up of the group. I do realize it would extend the wait time, but since Competitive mode is already supposed to do that, I wouldn’t mind waiting a little longer to have a fair fight. I’m not saying to only pair groups of 5 singles with other groups of 5 singles, but if you have a 4-5 person pre-formed party, please for the love of all that is holy, don’t match them up against a random assortment of people who have never played together and in all likelihood will struggle with communication and strategy.

I realize that a multi-player game like BB focuses heavily on socialization and community, but I don’t have a social circle that would allow for me to make my own teams, and I don’t have a good way to find people online short of adding random players to my friend list if I have fun playing with them, and then crossing my fingers and hoping they’ll not only be on when I log on, but that they’ll be willing to make a party. It’s very difficult and frustrating.

I also think that there needs to be more in place to discourage people from quitting a match right after it starts. I’ve played other games where if you quit within the first 15 minutes of the match/dungeon run, you can’t queue back up for an hour. The whole “let them quit, but then they can’t join any other game until the one they left ends, but they can come back to the one they left” thing just doesn’t work, especially since you can quit and then queue up for a public story mode right after.

Finally, I would love the ability to choose the match type. I remember playing World of Warcraft, and you had the ability to choose specific dungeons/PVP maps and queue until you found a match with others who wanted the same ones, you could just queue for all dungeons/maps and play whatever popped up first, or there was an option for a daily promotion type that would provide bonus rewards if you did it. Usually, this was to help get more players of a certain role (tank, healer, etc.) involved in the event that that there was a large population of DPS that couldn’t find a group because of the lack of support players. This could work for BB by analyzing the queue to see which type/map is having the most difficulty offering queued players a match, and providing an incentive for others to hop in and play. I think that they mentioned something similar to this as being in an upcoming patch, and I hope that it helps.

TLDR: Don’t match pre-formed groups against teams of 5 random players. Need more to stop people from dropping out of a match partway in. Need ability to choose mode again, not just vote and hope for the best.

Oh yeah, definitely. I’m quite surprised they went with what we have now, Casual and Competitive queues. I think it was because of having three different elo ratings, one for each PvP mode. But clearly, they found a way to have only one elo rating, judging on the very existence of the Competitive queue ( casual doesn’t have any Matchmaking ). So I’m surprised they didn’t just add a “First Available” queue that would bring all queues together and allow people to be in the same pool ( more or less ) with one unique elo or matchmaking rating or whatever they want to call it per player. Sounded like the most basic but yet most efficient way to handle things.

That said it’s just a test right now, I kinda fully expect them to get some data and then come up with something a bit different and more efficient in the future :slight_smile:

I agree. i hate fighting premades. Heck i even hate playing on the same team as a partial premade.

Ive tried for weeks now to argue my point that premade vs pug isnt fair in this type of game but all i ever get in return is insulted and ignored.

Then you have some people who come in here and lie and say that they always crush premades on a pug team.

Thats not the case. Every single time i have seen a premade vs pug, the premade won by ROFLSTOMP.

its so bad that i refuse to play in games with any type of premade. (wether im on the premades team or not)

10 minute long matches that end up 100-0 arent very exciting imo.

i dont know how these premade people do it but if i had to guess, these people who participate in premades dont care about fun as much as they care about winning.