Matchmaking Wait: 1 hour, 34 minutes and counting

I have been trying to finish Kleese’s lore challenge for a week now - it involves playing him on every map in the game. Before today, I had three stints where I waited in the Capture map queue for around 30 minutes. And no, this is not an exaggeration. This was Friday 7-8 around 7 PM, Saturday 7-9 around 10 PM, and Sunday 7-10 around 1 PM, all times US Eastern.

It’s now 2:57 and I have been in the Capture queue since 1:22 PM.

In total, in around 3 hours of wait, I have not gotten a SINGLE capture game. NOT ONE.

Gearbox - your game is amazing. The polish and voice acting is incredible. Balance is quite good with a few exceptions (spin2win), the game is easy to get in to, and has TONS of replayability based on how unique the characters are.

I’m sure you know this, but once you fall below critical mas, the game will die. I don’t know if we’re there yet, but it really can’t be far off if I can’t get a single game in over three hours, which include peak times like Friday night and weekends.

I implore you - please don’t wait any longer to implement the upcoming changes to matchmaking. It could be too late by then, and I would really hate to see this great game fail so quickly.

It’s 3:04 and still, no match.


Um. besides waiting in that same que why not just restart the search.
also you never specified which console / pc your on.

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Apologies, this is on PC.

Restarting the queue does not help, at least on the PC it doesn’t.


my bad. On console it does most of the times. sometimes when i search for story or mp modes you can see the matchmaking on the bottom right going back and forward making no progress or researching for room.

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It helps on PC too. I reque if it ever takes longer than 5 min, 10 on capture. I have never waited longer than 10 or 15 minutes for a game.

if the wait time says short, It literally should be short. Seriously minutes. I’ve had times where mine was just spinning and spinning. I logged out of BB by starting some other game and then going right back in. Cleared right up…now about these herpes…LOL

I think th listed wait was always intended to mean “until you get to the front of the queue”. There is no queue, so it says “short”.

Doesn’t seem necessary, really. Post-reverted-matchmaking, anticipate 99% of the matchmaking time complaints to be us PC players.

OP: Hate it for ya, man. If I were home, I’d queue up to try to help you out. :frowning:

So, I got a game at 3:18 EST, 4 minutes shy of two hours. Like Masterblizak said above, the estimated wait time was listed as “Average” the whole time.

I used to reload every 2-3 minutes, or simply jump to another map type (since I like all three modes), but it never seemed to perceptively decrease my wait, and unfortunately, there’s no concrete evidence we can go by that would confirm restarting the game or switching queues gets you faster games. If it’s going to take 5 minutes to get a game, leaving after 3 minutes and re-queueing and then getting a game in 2 minutes doesn’t mean you necessarily got a faster game, it could just mean you spread your 5-minute wait over two queues.

The good news - I finished Kleese’s lore :wink:



I’m having the same problem. I’ll wait 20 minutes on PS4 until the point where I just give up and play against bots.

Sometimes it does because of the way the system matches you with incomplete teams and then forces you to stick with them. So if you’re in with 3 people and a group of 3 ques, you don’t get pulled out to be added to them, same with 2 and 4 etc. A lot of times requing will stick you with a partially formed team,

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Same here. I just played 3 matches less than an hour ago, so re-queuing does help.

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Hey guys. I’m not saying that re-queuing absolutely doesn’t help, but your experiences are anecdotal, aside from burningamd’s comments. Correlation doesn’t prove causation, unfortunately. I suppose only Gearbox can give us the final say. My experience has been that when getting games is slow, it’s still slow even when I jump queues, but I’ll give that another go and post my experiences back here in a day or two.

Ah, there’s your problem sir. You play on PC. I hear Battbleborn isn’t doing to well over there.

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Lucky I did Kleese’s lore before the matchmaking changes though I feel for those who haven’t yet, I’m on PS4 and haven’t played Capture since the update :frowning: It’s not my favourite mode, but sometimes I like a quick match. Unfortunately, the queue times are as long as the matches and I wint wait longer than 15 minutes.
Meltdown is problematic too but I guess it’s just my bad timing, the guys I usually play with keep talking about their Meltdown matches matches that day when I’m I can’t find one lol. Incursion tactics have set in pretty hard by now, I play with a lot of Japanese teams and their compositions are usually pretty similar, those guys play to win and don’t mess around lol.

Mick wanted to get rid of the gold star on his versus public tab so he went into capture MM queue and fell asleep while waiting for a match.

He woke up halfway through it as Miko with reload gear or something.

tl;dr: Capture is dead.

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Lol yeah he told me about that. There’s an awfully simple solution though, if many people want to play Capture or Meltdown they could create a sub-community event on these here forums to attract people at certain times to fill up queues. I wouldn’t do it for Capture personally, but I’d partake if it were Meltdown.

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not jumping ques, just back out and reque the same mode.

Chuck - I’ll give it another try, but I clearly remember getting the same team over and over when re-queuing to the same mode. I haven’t tried it in a while though, so I’ll give it another shot.

Last night, prime time in the evening (7-12PM EST), waits were mostly fine for Meltdown and Incursion. Incursion seems to reliably fill the fastest, though. My guess is because people like ganking more than killing creeps, but that’s just a guess, since I have had many Incursion maps end with no damage to any of the four sentries :wink:

Between maps, I tried jumping from Meltdown/Incursion to Capture 6 times. I waited 5 minutes each time, got no game each time, and jumped to one of the other modes.

There was only one time that I had to wait excessively - I had a 10 minute wait on Meltdown around 10PM, but I was making some food and so I just let it sit and queue.

Top moments - two “First Blood” as Ghalt Meltdown maps in a row (my only 2 as Ghalt, so, ya know, big deal for me). One incursion map as Galilea, with Miko, Alani, Oscar Mike, and a leaver vs. Kelvin, Ghalt, Orendi, Whiskey Foxtrot, and Miko. A 15-minute stalemate in front of our first sentry, to complete annihilation - both opposing sentries down :slight_smile: Good times can still be had … I just don’t wanna lose 'em.

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