Matchmaking wait time (PvP)

I know there’s a ton of topics like this one, but I can’t take it anymore …
I’m past the point of anger, now I’m just sad.
I’m sad because I love this game, I really do. I love the cartoon style, I love the gameplay, the lore, everything. (I also posess Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel, which I both liked)

I WANT to promote this game, to tell friends “Hey you should buy this game, it’s awesome !”.

But I can’t play it. As simple as that.

I could say like everyone “It took me ages to find a game”, but I want to make my point clear. Here’s a video :


More than 1h30 waiting and I COULDN’T find a match. Not even a TEAM ! I am located in France, download region paris, tried US- New-York out of desesperation, changed nothing. Tried with the new update, still nothing.

Gearbox, as much as I love your games, this isn’t normal. And it saddens me even more that I consider this game to be one of my favorites, besides Super Metroid on SNES.

Please Gearbox, please do something about it. I’m usually quite the shy person, but I felt the need to stand up for this game.

I’m in New York and it was an hour wait before I quit playing yesterday. So sad.

Last time I played pvp which was monday, I didn’t even have to wait 60 seconds on pc

Yeah, I was really excited to try out the new skins/map changes as well as hopefully boost my fps with the particle setting. Unfortunately, I’m a pc player in Australia so I can’t play the game anymore. I really wish gbox would do something to help us out, combining queues, broadening search regions over time to encourage people to queue, anything. :frowning:

There are so many builds/combos/characters I haven’t tried out yet, and videos I’d love to make on Battleborn but I can’t get into any games with good ping to record them.

Yesterday I got queued up pretty fast, green ping. (Man just tell us the numbers, this color doesn’t tell me anything… ahem)

I lost 4 times in a row, got absolutely stomped.
Decided to give it one more chance. I won! Except it was an absolute stomping again, just this time I was doing the stomping.

Closed the game. That was absolutely disappointing. Sigh. I’ll try to check out the new update but I’d rather be playing something else at this point. Either I queue up for over 30 minutes and have decent matches or queue up for under that and get absolutely garbage matches.

A damn shame. Battleborn is great game when it works. One of my favorites, in fact. But unfortunately for me, it rarely works.

most people don’t play conquest… they prefer incursion and meltdown because it’s more mobalike.
EU region it only takes seconds at primetime and up to 2 minutes in offhours to find a match at these two modes

Please continue in one of those threads.