[Matchmaking]: We Don't Mind Waiting for a Larger Group, Gearbox

I’m getting pretty sick of the matchmaker throwing it’s hands up and going “whateevr” and sticking me with less than 5 people.

I so often get just one other person, and I’ve had the game stick me IN A SOLO MATCH before!

If I play PUGs, it’s because I want to play a full 5-man group Gearbox; I don’t mind waiting a bit for your matchmaker to find 5 people - please stop giving up and stuffing me into less than 5 person matches.

It’s not like I can do sh*t about it - only thing I can do is force kill the game, because by the time it locks you into the group, you can no longer leave any other way.

Furthermore, you cannot possibly KNOW (or even GUESS) that it’s gonna give you less people. The amount of time it will search for other players is 100% arbitrary: sometimes it stuffs me into a group with just one other person after 10 seconds, sometimes it will try for over a minute to find more people, and then does.

Due to how many people leave matches when they don’t get the map they want, this is quite infuriating!

If I wanted to play a singleplayer match, I’d have selected it in the menu. If i wanted to play with just one other person, I’d do a private match with a friend.

PvP doesn’t have this issue as it demands full teams before the game will begin. While PvE CAN fully function and balance for less players, I’d ask that you at least START the matches with 5 players ffs please…

Please fix this Gearbox (this is on PC for me at least).



I get stuck with less than 5 people in PVE all the time because the server won’t take longer to find me a full team. Most of the time it puts me in a solo game with my split screen partner.

I see I am not the only one, It just randomly does it to me, but really gets on my nerves when it puts together the group with less than 5 people. I have to realize that sometimes all 5 could be unreasonable, but at the very least wait for 4 people, i have had it start me with 2 and I was not happy about it.

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  • Usually you’ll see " Player found " and a check mark next to it 1 after another, if the other slots are not checked in the next 3 - 5 seconds, that’s all the players you’re going to be playing with.

  • I usually exit matchmaking and start it back up until all 5 slots says " Player found ".

  • Is it right that they put us with 2 people ?

  • No, I too find it more enjoyable to play with more people.

A good solution would be to enable us to use a checkbox “Wait for more player ?” (or just “Ready”) if the majority voted yes the matchmaking will last longer… and when players uncheck the box (or the lobby is full) the game start

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I’ve had it show all players found but then one or two either disconnect or get pulled from the group for whatever reason and the game continues into the level selection lol. Ive also had it find me one or two people and still have time left but the matchmaking stops at 20 seconds. This game is crazy sometimes.

It doesn’t make sense to put you in a game solo. If you wanted to play alone then you’d choose private game, duh you silly matchmaking lol.

…This is true and to make it worse if you decide to go ahead with the one person they will drop before or during the game.

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I’ll concur with this sentiment. I like full PvE groups for higher difficulty matches! Plus its just more fun with more people. I’ll gladly wait for a full team :slight_smile:

  • People are picky sometimes, they want to play certain maps, tired of playing the same one they just played, or not being the only character they chose since there can be multiples of the same for PVE.
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I agree with pretty much everything you just said.

If it’s going to force me to play with less than five, at least let me quit out before sitting through the vote and cutscene. Damn!

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Geeze, I’m quite glad there’s pretty much a unanimous agreement on this issue - maybe Gearbox will ACTUALLY change it then sometime in the future! n.nU

…Also nice to know I’m not the only one who’s annoyed by this, and that it’s not an issue that’s localized to the PC version. >_<