Matchmaking will never be fixed and be good, will it (PS4)

Ever since the game first came out , matchmaking been garbage. Nobody but a once in a blue moon joins your public session (i forget i even have it set to public all the time) but, in BL2, people were in and out lobbies like drive thrus; It was nothing to get a full house. Why is this games matchmaking so busted and poor quality? I know its not on my end because its only this game, my connection is wired and, i live in an internet-prominent area.

I try to play something other than maliwan takedown and it seems as if the game is dead. Proving grounds barely finds a single person and, slaughters cap at just 2 ppl all the time and, it starts the game immediately afterwards for some stupid reason. But the very few times its more than another person im playing with, the game lags horribly, extremely bad, as if im playing this crap on a nintendo wii with a 2 bar signal with players from japan in 20fps. Why is GB trying so hard to kill and break their game in every way they can mess it up. I dont get why theyre arent more complaints about this either. For those who dont have others you know to play with, how do you enjoy this crap solo all the time or, what do you even do? Its enough i went through the story 8 times, (twice for all VHs) mostly by myself, its depressing.