Matchmaking wtf!?

me and my friend are barley level 26 and 18, we joined an online session with our team and they were level 16, 19, and 23. The OTHER team was level 86,74,37,49, and 28. Now tell me how in the heck that is fair in any way? Please fix immediately. Now. ASAP. Pronto.

Uh…command level does not equate to skill…

GBX it might be time to hide command level, it is giving people preconceived notions.


Lol I’m sure they’ll get right on that tonight.

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Insert a comment that says matchmaking is based on some mysterious arbitrary number other than cr! You know it’s based on how the moon aligns with the Stars over your region thus your ping mmr is higher and that is how you are matched, its even we swear - gearbox design team

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How are they so high already? Is there a cap on level?

It’s might not be based on skill but it still tells us that have hammeree the game and will be better players for it

What skill has a level 5-10 had time to display in the 10-20 matches they’ve been in that would warrant them being thrown into a match with players who have 10 times the gear and experience?

There is skill involved in this game but for the most part it’s about personal experience in everything from map layout, effective teamwork, and gear/build.

Something isn’t working properly when you see such huge level gaps. They have to be using a skewed dataset and hiding that fact without addressing the underlying problem will kill this game dead.

Here’s some random matches i got today i thought were…interesting lol

(^ We actually won that lol)

“Uh…command level does not equate to skill…”

I’m tired of people blindly reciting this statement. A high command rank doesn’t guarantee a player is good at the game but it’s a bloody good indication.

A higher command rank generally means you’ve spent more time playing the game and I don’t know about you but personally the more time I spend doing something the better I get it at.

I’m command rank 40 now and I can say without doubt that I’m better at this game than I was at rank 10 or 20 or even 30 and I’m sure I’ll be better and more experienced again at rank 50.

Speaking from personal experience here I’ve seen time and time again the higher levelled team stomping the lower levelled team.

Instead of finding two teams of five, can’t the matchmaking instead find ten players and then split them up into two more equally balanced teams?


I think they factoring w\l ratio and dcs. I played with a team twice since the hot fix, one with and one against

I can´t stand all this "… player level dont mean someone is skilled or not… "
Think about what you guys just said.

  • Do you think a player of lvl 8 has mastered any char yet ? Maybe a player at lvl 60 has ?
  • Do you think a player of lvl 10 has played 100 pvp matches yet ? Maybe a player at lvl 48 has ?
  • Do you think a player of lvl 11 has all the shiny char specific or boss specific items yet ? A lvl 50 maybe ?
  • Do you think a player of lvl 15 know all or the most game mechanics yet ? Maybe lvl 38 does ?

Sure , player level dont say you are the best of the best of the best. But a high player score says : Knowlage , Mutations , Items and Experience .Thats more you can expect from a player at lvl 11.

Thats not the only time this happens. Ist about 70% of all matches. This is no fun at all. Not for the ones who steamroll the newcomers and not for the ones who get seatmrolled.

Matchmaking in its current state is ( sorry 4 this word ) crap. Its just throwing ppl together randomly.

For the guys who dont understand what i say i try to explain it different. If you sit down in a racing car it dont mean you are a good or bad driver. But you will not beat the last championship winner today. He is just more tarined than you ( he knows the tarck and the car better than you ) . The Champion whouldn´t even callange you for it is just a waste of time 4 both.


The longer the game is out the more people will of played it, which will result in better matching making. At the moment people may of played 10 pvp games, that’s not gonna make it easy on the game for putting a “skill rank” on them.

I also agree with you lordworgull. Me and a friend started out at the same time, we had roughly the same skill, but now after I have played a lot more than them I can do a fair bit better.

Also a lot of people were complaining about the matchmaking times, so you gotta decide, do you want it to find games quickly, or take longer but fairer.

I think they can at least make ‘rookie playlists’ for people under level 12. Average playlists for people between 13-30 and advanced playlist for ranks 30+. It is not a perfect solution, but the current form is really, really bad. at least half the games are so unfairly balanced that you can easily predict the winners…

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Not finding a game at the moment on ps4

Command level should matter. The higher level you are, the more experience you have, plus gear, plus more money to buy better packs. It might not mean your good at the game but it sure means you play more. Which is unfair to those who don’t have all of the above.

Ummm yes it does, read the forum on how it does buddy.

A high command rank does not equate to skill… all it does is show how much a person has played the game. Everybody knows that the amount of practice has zero correlation to a persons skill, right? Right…?

But it means you have more experience.

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Do you think a player of lvl 10 has played 100 pvp matches yet ? Maybe a player at lvl 48 has ?
Do you think a player of lvl 11 has all the shiny char specific or boss specific items yet ? A lvl 50 maybe ?
Do you think a player of lvl 15 know all or the most game mechanics yet ? Maybe lvl 38 does ?

I was trying (and apparently failing) to be facetious. :blush:

Maybe the player had early acces/played a lot of the beta and is i dont know REALLY REALLY good at oscar mike and has level 5 he will know the mechanics level doesnt effect how well you play.Legendary then the amount of shards needed you will get it REALLY end game if you just dont save up.