Matchmatching and Disconnects

GBX is there anyway to fix it so when a player quits or DCs that a new player can join in the game? It really sucks when your down 4 players against 5 out of the gate, and you know your likely going to lose… and lose bad. If allowing new players to jump in is not an option here are some other ideas:

Minor Boosts to health and/or DPS of the team down player(s). This has to be careful as to not break things further.


Respawn timers for the low manned team are decreased so their can make up for their lack of numbers by being able to recover from death quicker.


Minions of handicapped team boosted (if boosts to players is too risky).

I have had several games with my team down a player, and it feels like its too common of a problem to just ignore completely.


No reason to throw all console gamers under the bus. Not all are like this so lets not generalize them all as such.

Completely agree with @adamelevate.

I’m not gonna get into this on the Internet, but console gamers are not the same demographic as pc gamers.

I’m not throwing everyone under the bus, I am saying from my experience for over a decade of playing online multiplayer games and having hundreds of thousands of interactions on many platforms and technologies… I have met more young, aggressive and inconsiderate people playing PS4 the last year than ever anywhere else in my entire life.

But since my post was flagged as innapropriate, no one else will ever know of my mass generalization of console gamers. Well played Internet.

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I’ve been playing online game on PC for close to 20 years. If you think it’s any better than console then you clearly haven’t played the games I played ^^

FYI this is how most MOBA’s work. Games start without any option of drop in or balancing mechanics. Though normally the game wouldn’t start if it’s not a 5v5 in the lobby. Battleborn only aborts at a 3v5.

I respect your opinion and I won’t flag your post even though you generalized like I did.

Also, I’ve been playing Defense of the Ancients since day one, I get how they work.

Good! Not sure why you say that his points are very common in other games then since they’re not.