Math and percentages with skills and items

My Claptrap has been rolling around with tranquility oz kits[ slowly upgrading on whenever he finds a better one] since I came across them.

I’m using support relay right now. So 158 oz x .15% Is the math being done right in my head and this means I get a static 23.7%[or 24??] gun damage at all times as long as I have full oz? Or is it more like 158 x .0015?
Same question for skills that have stacks.
Like Athena’s Maelstrom 200 x .4% = 80%? or
Clappy’s maniacal laughter 200 x .15% = 30% healing?

You get the idea.

Yep. That’s how it is. Same with avalanche stacks on the baroness. Up to 100 x 0.015 =150 % extra damage at 10/5 skill points

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Wouldn’t that be 1.5% damage?

Huh lemme check, 100 x 0.015 = 1.5 = 150/100 = 150 %

I think Hana didn’t include a step in the calculation. 100 x .015 would be 1.5 but that’s a ratio. Normal damage (if not resisted) would always be 1/1 (1 damage fired from the gun, 1 damage when it hit’s an enemy. A 50% increase would be 1.5/1. And, when converting a decimal to a percentage, multiply by 100. 1.5 x 100 = 150%

And yes, it only counts for oxygen left in your oz kit, not the possible max.

If the bonus is 150%, then the total damage should be 100% + 150% of normal, or 2.5 times normal. No? If it’s multiplicative only (normalDamage x bonusStat), you would be doing less damage than normal with lower than 2/3 of full Oz. I know that’s not the case.

The other possibility is that this is simply misstated on the card, and it’s really a 50% max bonus.

See I thought it worked like this and I guess I am wrong.

I get 100 stacks of maelstrom for athena. 100 x .4 is 40. so that that .4% turned into 40% elemental damage. now the damage of say for arguments sake is 100. so I now do an extra 40 electrical/burn. So now I have a net elemental damage of 140 pinging off. I had assumed this worked similarly with all the skills and certain items like the tranquility oz kit. I guess the stacks are multiplicative? I don’t think that is the case for athena or the baroness. I definitely feel like they are additive.

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Please use your magic :slight_smile:

The initial calculation is simple, the same as @Cr8zySappa explained for Maelstrom.

A tranquility OZ kit with max capacity of 186 Oz which gets +.17% per Oz gets +31.62% of the Oz kit is totally full, and gets +17% if there is 100 Oz left in it. Very simple to calculate this initial part.

The next part is what determines whether or not it is additive or multiplicative - that is where it fits in the overall damage calculation formula. The reason Chuck asked @Sljm to chime in - he wrote up the guide; check this post for answers and possibly enough math to make you wish you hadn’t asked the question:

Also @Derch wrote this post which drills down into the formula to call out Athena’s specific skills as variables (including Maelstrom):

Huh thanks for that. i checked out that thread. Seeing how great shock seems to be… having zero negatives, unless the enemy is shock based, I can see why my athena rips everything apart.

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