Matte shader + Team Colours

As the title says, can we please have team stripes introduced into the matte shader? The Klingon and Romulan ships look much better using that shader, @herbyguitar is pulling his hair out trying to recreate the look of the ships from the old mod with Cnl Pepper’s modified matte shader…

We can’t do that. Matte is intended as the non-ship, no team/stripe shader. It’s the entire point. Did @herbyguitar bounce some stuff off of @scole yet? I am sure he (or I in concert) can help…

The old and new lighting models are super, super far apart - some of this will be hard to mutate to make it look like the old setup - because light isn’t treated even remotely the same as it used to be.

I’ll look into what the big differences between matte and ship are tomorrow - I imagine they are actually very, very slight.

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I will retract this request mate, Herby spoke to scole :blush: