Matter and Form


Is there any way to get this Kelvin skin?

I realize it was once active through a shift code(that I apparently missed) but I really like this skin.

Anyway we could get a re-release of this or even put it in the Marketplace?

My BB experience must be complete.


Thats the cyber skin right?
If i remember right it was a shift code in one of the last BPs
if i´m right it should be this one: SKK33-J6BZ6-55WJH-XC6J3-FJRHW
if it doesn´t work then i think it is impossible to get now

I feel your pain, friend, Phoebe’s cyber-skin and a taunt are forever locked away form me as a Digital Deluxe exclusive.

Lets keep hoping that one day they’ll open up the SHiFT codes again for all the people who missed Cyber/Gold skins in the past. And the ones that were never released. (And maybe put the DigiDeluxe ones up for grabs for platinum like they did the preorder ones?)


Plaz!! Gearsboxes!!! Plox!!! I beggeth thee.

Countless players have begged for different skins countless times, everything from ISIC’s Cyber skin to Deandes. As much as I’d like otherwise, I don’t think it’ll happen.

I really wish they’d roll out SHIFT codes regularly for different skins, or at least loot packs of sorts.

They’re still rolling out codes for Borderlands regularly, so I guess I’m just envious.

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Yeah I was asking for the Digital Deluxe stuff to be put up on the store for platinum for a while. Maybe someday…

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Matter and Form.

Gimme gimme gimme.

C’mon GRBX.

Matter and Form for Kelvin now in marketplace: 1190 platinum!

Do it Gearbox, my wallet is open.

Its literally the only skin in the game Im missing.