Matthew Armstrong Tweets he's no longer with Gearbox

So I have just seen this Tweet

No news on how or why but just wanted to say thanks for all the work on Borderlands. Borderlands was pretty much his baby (as far as I know). Still kinda taking this one in so, yeah. Thanks Matt and good luck with whatever comes next.

Best of luck on your adventures, Mr. Armstrong! You will be missed not only by your employees, but by the fans as well.

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R.I.P. Borderlands with quality instead of outsourcing…(Eat the Iro-wait, thats kind of what happened), Though, I still have a little hope for a good BL3 in sixty years or so.

Damn. Getting kind of worried about future borderlands games. Anthony butch, Paul helquist, and now the creator of the franchise. What is going on?

Paul Hellquist said, that he was not happy how Randy Pitchford handled some things at gearbox.

So a piece has come out on gameinformer on this with a short comment from Matt

Just looks like he was ready for other things.

I wonder as others do what the future of Borderlands holds with such changes recently but I hope some optimism can be maintained rather than just feeling bombed by this. :smiley should go here but those new emotes look just too dam happy:

Thanks you Mr. Armstrong for Borderlands. Enjoy your adventure time,go and build the next big thing.

@gearbox Request for a Legendary Vault Hunter called Armstrong in Borderlands 3

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