Mature gamer seeks serious co-op partners


I’m a UK based 52 year old Borderlands fanboy (yes, old enough to remember the original Pong being on the shelves at the shop). Looking for likeminded co-op players.

I play pretty seriously, not into barrel trolling etc. As all BL fans, I’m pretty obsessive about farming, devoting many more hours than is good for me to get that matching grip and prefix :smiley:

Can play any character and have a reasonable grasp of the game. Been playing about 2 years.

Have mic and twitch channel

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Bumpity bump

Which iteration of Playstation are you on? My available time is spotty (NY but typically playing during your evening hours), but I can usually work a little time out here and there. On both PS3 and 4, PSN Hanzothesaw. Put “forumite” somewhere in the FR and I’ll accept when I get it. Ping me (here, PS, either works) whenever you get the itch and I’ll see about getting on with you. I’ve got all BL games (except Tales) with DLC on both platforms, BTW.

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I am on ps4, with new doc and level cap and all other doc content. I am GMT timezone, I usually play in the evening between 6 and 10 and at the weekend :slight_smile:

GMT is Greenwich Mean Time, yes? I play the day/afternoon here in NY, on the weekend mostly mornings. Send me the Friend Request and we’ll set fire to Pandora one map at a time.

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I’ll be firing up the ps4 in an hour or so, will send fr then. My son name is EldeeFifty

I’m on mobile now, and taking my son to the kiddy gym then, but I’ll probably be around in about 2 and a half hours. I’ll send you a FR from the PS messages app now.

Just sent.

Just downloaded the app, nothing come through yet.