Maurice opinions?

Hated him at first. Then like…the 3rd time dealing with him I truly listened…

I…like…the little bastard. Idk why. But I actually like him.

Every time I read that name this song pops in my head… quit it… >.>

He is different enough to pique my interest but like the rest of them the whole “Maurice thing” grows old quickly. Especially if all you do is farm skulls - kill Haunt. Personally I wont mind him disappearing at the end of the event. He was a welcome distraction for a short while. Thats about it.

I really like him but he’s a dick for making me collecting ghost semen every time I want to visit heck.

Moze was straight up saying: “That sounded pretty murdery.” and Maurice all: “Sssorryy, Mauricce has trouble expressing himself”.

…and that whole bit before you accept the quest: “You will do this task for me and not get bitten, yeeess.”

Would it be sad if I said Maurice is more developed as a character than any other NPC in the game?

Think about it, instead of “talk to Lilith” the game would have a far more interesting story if Maurice was your commander. :smiley:

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