Maurice Vending Machine Not reappearing

After about an hour and a half the machine still won’t appear. Even after restarting the game and my machine. Thanks for any help.:+1:

Is that in-game time? As in, after playing the same character to 90 minutes it doesn’t appear?

And you launched the game online with hotfixes applied?

Yes all hotfixes are applied. The time isn’t in game time but in real time. So, I’ll try to go to the machine, its not there, I’ll turn off my PS4, come back 2 to 4 hours, even a day later, and nothing is there. Thanks for your reply.

It needs to be in-game time, 30 minutes for the vending machine to change contents, or reappear if you leave the map and return.

Changing characters should result in their having the vendor, but with the same time restriction.


This stops the in-game clock. I think simply pausing your game would do the same thing. It needs to be actually running with that specific character for a total of 30 minutes. If you don’t want to simply switch characters, you’ll need to go do other stuff (side quests, farming, whatever) before you come back.

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