Maurice ! Worst character development ever

Why does he exist? Why is he still here after the heckhole was removed? And yes worst character development of any character you guys cant complain about ava anymore


Maurice delights in murder, speak to him or… Turn from him and seek wisdom within thy self. Ormus sees a strange dichotomy in you, as he does all would be heros…


I’ve been assuming there will be other holiday events for which Maurice will be the conduit.

Maurice has got 0 main characters killed and hasn’t yelled at everyone trying to help him. Yeah Ava is still worse


I bought the game November 29th, I was in the first area of Promethea when I realized , “Hey the Ghosts belong to an event”… I went to look on the ship for where it was accessed - Maurice ambushed me as I came out of Hammerlock’s room.

It was a very unique experience, all the futuristic stuff I was overwhelmed with and here’s a freak dinosaur with an open rift - I was lvl 16 managed 3 runs. Event ended


I thought it was sick. I was playing free dlc without knowing. Did my best and over lvl’d for the NVH lol


Ava has gotten 0 characters killed and hasn’t covered murderous intent with lame excuses.


The obsession over the kid is insane…
Tannis owns the ship
So and So died - take it on the chin.
Grow with me now.

(Non innuendo)

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You’re forgetting Ava.

Nope. Ava did not get Ava killed. Yet.

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Whoops I meant Maya lol.

Cultural enrichment

For the next event, I’d imagine.

Maurice is actually my favorite npc on the ship, I hope he’s actually canon


I certainly wasn’t forgetting that Maya got Maya killed.


Wow this blew up quick​:joy: point being ava is just a weak character this dude has no reason or purpose :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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He explained himself when you first meet him… I’m sure Moze asked “what’s the go?”

I personally like Maurice and was glad to see he was still on the ship after the event ended. For example, I appreciate that he doesn’t try to murder you. He also has enlightening things to say if you talk to him. I, for one, welcome our new dinosaur overlords.


Let Maurice lick you with his mind tongue… He will change your mind.



Ava got Maya killed you know what I was talking about.

Maurice I believe just serves as the entry point for timed events like the bloody harvest. Maybe he’ll send us off to hunt green loot tinks dressed as leprechauns around st Patrick’s day. Hopefully Mr torgue has us blow up a planet or something to ring in the new year.

However I feel Maurice has a hidden purpose… Which is to get this song stuck in people’s heads…

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I just can’t wait for the 10 minute unskippable cinema scene where Maurice has a heart to heart with Tannis and reveals to her how he lost his boyfriend in the intergalactic wars and left his homeland to rebuild his future when he discovered the pathway to heck and learned that he could re-unite with the soul of his boyfriend by finding allies to wage a war against the forces of heck. As we learn in the cinema… Maurice is shy, but sometimes overcompensates… he loves Cinema-scope films and shortbread.