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The way I read this it must be completed with a party of four anybody agree or disagree

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Disagree. GBX knows people would rather play solo and I’m sure the reddit sub will soon have speed running videos posted, like they did with one shotting 40 billion health Traunts. Besides, how frequently do people have parties of 4?

Surely “True Takedown” mode allows kills to count as is you had a full party no?

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@vCarpeDiemv Did you really just ask that question? I am like 1000% sure the answer is no LOL

Watch someone figure out how to prove me wrong on this. Also watch how GBX was able to figure out how to count Takedown completions in the way you have described but not how to make the game take less than 2 minutes to save/quit on console LOL

Still trying to find the logic here, what does one have to do with the other ? Counting something and trying to optimize a game while being limited by a +7 years old hardware are two different things.

@EzioILMentore My logic was really just poking fun at the idea of GBX having the ability to figure out something that likely is complicated, but not super useful, like counting True Takedown runs as 4 Takedown completions, but not being able to figure out something seemingly more useful, like how their own game could be better optimized.

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@EzioILMentore And for the record, both Resident Evil Village (new-ish game) AND Fallout 4 (old game) both take less than 20 seconds to save/quit on Xbox One. Borderalands 3 takes 2 MINUTES to save quit on Xbox One. That’s an insane amount of time, and load time is quite literally exactly the same issue BL2 had on console. Repeating past mistakes. You know I love GBX and Borderlands, but this is just clearly the truth.

This is not just a “7+ year old hardware” issue. This is an issue of a game being poorly optimized on release and never being fixed in this regard. That’s not even really a subjective opinion IMO - it’s just a fact. BL3 is objectively poorly optimized for most of the platforms it runs on.

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Since the game is connected online and hotfixed counting takedown is very likely simple and certainly easier than performance optimisation, I agree Bl3 could use some optimisation on console (I have a performance settings in the options and yet…)

I said this!


@thepersonwithaface LOL, great minds think alike. :grinning:

I hadn’t read your post but it is almost exactly the same point I made LOL. This is like how we were getting regular weapon buffs but they didn’t fix Head Count and other completely broken character skills for something like 18 months.

Ah, screw it. At this point what dev is paying attention anyway? It is kinda ridiculous though.


So is it only counting 4 player takedowns? Scaled takedown is pretty easy to do solo; I can’t imagine that as a community only 3,125 takedowns got done on the first day unless it only counted takedowns with 4 players.

Partial day data, not necessarily everyone knows about the challenge, it takes longer to complete a takedown, plus not everyone is really into them. I think counter is about where I expected it to be. :man_shrugging:

I think every completion counts, it’s just GBX likes to promote these as 4-player activities, so they mention it every chance they can.

I just did my first one for this event… probably only have a few of these in me for this time period.

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10k so far

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Any updates?

24k, but I don’t know if it’s been updated to the latest totals. Doesn’t seem like we will hit the goal.

It’s not updated.

I see 29k now.