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29 was posted on twitter few minutes after my post.

We will hit the goal, but it may take two months…

Extra week at most. 29K completions in ~4.5 days (first day of challenge is always partial).

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Have they said we’re getting extra time? They only specifically mentioned it for sniper kills…

TBH even with my time off I don’t enjoy takedowns to run more than a handful each day.

its a guess based on past behavior

65k Takedowns is a severe overshoot on GBX’s part LOL. Maybe that gets done in 2-3 weeks, but 65k Takedowns is a crapton. 33k supposedly as of now.


New Challenge, 200M kills on M10 (not M11). Takedown challenge is still on.

Ugh, I absolutely hate the modifiers…


2 Million M10 kills should be doable.

And it’s not like you can’t rack up that body count while doing the Takedowns. Not that I’m very confident Challenge 3 can be finished with a second week. We barely crossed the halfway point in one week.

I’m not a super fan of the M10 modifiers, but I don’t hate them. I do wonder, for anyone wanting do M10 but hates the modifiers or needs a break, will kills in Arms Race count?

I don’t see why they wouldn’t since it’s still M10, and at least then the modifiers won’t be in play.

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Does anyone know if action skill kills count or is it character kills only? Running an IC Moze and he steals a bunch of kills.

Also, running Post Mortem as very hard modifier and the Death skulls seem to be spawning way less frequently than before the event. Wonder if they lowered the spawn rate for the event to make it more tolerable. Drone Ranger and Healy Avenger spawns seem to be lower as well.

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I think it counts for this kind of challenge - “kill X enemies” is quite easy that way: there was a skag and now it’s gone, does not matter whether it was your bullet, grenade or an Iron Cub who did it.

Now, “Kill X enemies with sniper rifles” - that’s where ‘fun’ begins, with IC or other skill stealing the kill.

I’m mostly going by my experience with Daily and Weekly challenges here.


Imma gonna start by saying my initial take on Challenge 4 may have been a bit optimistic. ( 200 million M10 kills should be doable)

Even over the weekend, we’ve barely made a dent. I’m looking at 23 million right now sooooooo… blurp.

I was wondering something over the weekend as I contributed my teeny tiny dent to the kill goal. Do Mayhem-generated things like Buddy System, Laser spinners, etc count towards the kill total?

I’d be inclined to think they may be since destroying one counts toward recovering from Fight for your Life. But maybe there’s some underlying code stuff that excludes them from this event?

It’s more of curiosity since they clearly won’t be moving the needle in a meaningful way.

I don’t know - it feels like right now when I’m playing with Buddy drones and Freeze Tag, I have roughly 30% more of stuff to kill, so I really hope they count, since it’s a meaningful increase in my book.

Honestly, Overwatch 2 will be out before we complete challenge 4. I know no one at Gearbox wants to hear this, but Mayhem 10 simply isn’t fun. As of the writing, we’re barely at 15 Million kills into the challenge after four days. Not good.

I suspect a lot of people did what I did: swapped to M10, spent 10 minutes rolling and rerolling to get tolerable modifiers, played for a few minutes, got frustrated, and said to heck with the challenge and went back to M11.

Hopefully after a few more weeks where we haven’t broken 50 Million, they’ll open the challenge to include Mayhem 11. It will get finished quickly thereafter.


hmm, yeah perhaps it is meaningful. It would be super cool to see a) if the count or not and b) a side by side of what the count would be if they did and if they didn’t. I may be a bit glass-half-full at the moment since the progress is pretty low either way.

Another thing I thought of is unlike the spinners and the invulnerability/healing orbs, the Post Mortem death skull shows up on the mini-map as an enemy.

Whatevs, I’m having fun either way. I thought I’d be like “Aww dang, M10… blerg!” but it really hasn’t made much of an impact for me outside of getting my Amara to step up her dance move a bit :wink:

It is 31m as of today, so I am not sure where your numbers are coming from… It will be fine.

Struggling with the modifiers… even the “good” ones at M10 are simply not fun.

Levelled up a Fl4k after finishing up my Moze and I can’t tell if I’m just spoiled by Moze or just how awful M10 really is compared to M11 but not having fun. Example: I run out of ammo during a Slaughter shaft (which is going glacially because I have to deal with stupid invincibility drones and elemental immunity) and I die trying to get ammo with a Cutpurse launchpad… turns out the only spawned enemies had invincibility drones…

That’s precisely what I did… Spend longer re-rolling the modifiers than actually playing MH10.

Played about 10 minutes, then went back to MH11.


Must have not reloaded the page on MentalMars and saw an old number. My bad.

We’re up to 62 Million now. Kudos to those of you who can withstand the Mayhem 10 slog. And even more to those of you who enjoy Mayhem 10. Keep up the good work.


Looks like they 'found some extra kills", if Twitter is to be believed. May be they started adding up all these spinners, drones, skulls etc. :wink: