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oh man go kill the bosses that i have already killed million times? how excited i am! not.


I think someone might have dropped them for me before. Are these the ratch / skag / etc. heads?

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500,000 collectively?
Bruh what if we don’t even hit that cause no one is playing XD


Fixed it for you. Speaking for others is a pretty cheeky line of reasoning.


I mean the steam charts don’t really… favor that, is what I meant…

EDIT: ACTUALLY, this is a collective event, so unless YOU are gonna kill him 500,000 times, I think “WE” fits there, SIR!

Is it possible to mod a map to replace all enemies with Traunts to rack up the numbers?

Because 500,000 (and is that per each Traunt or all Traunts together?) is a pretty ambitious number.

I get that steam numbers dont represent the full size of the community but if we could see the player count over time on other platforms, I doubt the trend would look too different from steam.

Either way, cosmetics are an underwhelming reward.

Edit: actually, I take it back. 500,000 is doable if approximately 3000 players kill a Traunt 30 times a day, every day for next 7 days.


Just for fun i went back through the patches to see when the last significant changes were, and it was from 4 months ago with the level 72 cap increase. Shortly after Wonderlands was announced, and more generic time-based cycle events popped up signaling the autopilot, slow death stage of a game’s life.

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Where does it keep track of kills??

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Just keep in mind that it’s not live tracking. It will be updated daily.

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Might be in the minority when it comes to liking little events like these, but I’m down for it. Bug fixes would be objectively better, of course, but no point in lamenting.

The counter only updating once a day is annoying, however.

Was wondering if anyone knew, does it actually matter what Traunt we kill? I assume all of them add to the 500,000 goal, but I just wanted to be sure I don’t have to distribute my farming or anything.


I’d wager it’s between them all, if they made it 500k per, 1.5 million kills with a game that has ~4000 monthly players…
Don’t know that that would work out too well hahah

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And that data is from?

Check the news, all three of them counts, 500k kills in total.

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Steam, current month. I mean I’m sure there won’t be any issue hitting 500k, I was just poking fun.

But Steam is only one platform out of five(?) and most likely not the biggest.

Oh lol, I assumed it was 500k per platform! But if it’s being tracked by shift then that makes a whole lot more sense.

I did, must’ve missed where it specified, thank you.

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That number for Steam is also for daily players, not monthly, IIRC, but who wants to pay attention to such insignificant details, when there is fun to poke on this forum…


Perfectly put.