Max FoV change on PC?

Haven’t played in a while and I noticed the FoV slider now only goes to 100 instead of 110. Was this an intentional change?

As far as I know it’s never been 110, only 100. IIRC, even in the beta it was 100.

Pretty sure it was 110. @gulfwulf thought it still was when I was talking to him earlier.

Wasn’t 110 in Borderlands? Maybe you mixed them… In BB it was 80-100 as long as I remember.

Yes Borderlands the handsome collection has 70 - 110 FoV -slider implemented, i can confirm that.

I just wish there would be a FoV slider for consoles, also if it is only with a maximum of 100, i would play with 90 - 94 anyways!

Best regards.

Ok, maybe I mixed them up. Thanks.