Max health bug?

So I’ve been playing offline for about a week now, finally connected to the internet, and now FL4K’s max health is 1.7k…

Anyone know anything about this? No I don’t have a shield or anything that reserves my max health. I’m not missing health on my health bar. Yesterday I had like 8k health. Today I have 1.7k…

This also seems to affect my pet as it gets one shotted in mayhem 3.


Well this was fun, guess I’m done playing BL3. Not starting a 3rd character with all these nerfs and bugs

My health on Fl4k seems to be around that much when using the Loaded Dice legendary, but if you don’t have one equipped then that is a pretty bad bug. I do know that using that legendary also affects your pets health making them die in a few hits. Seems that pet health is tied to Fl4k’s health. Not sure if that is working as intended.

at least u got 1.7, I’ve got 1 on my level fifty gunner. Have tried everything I can think of to do, uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared local save data, but nothing works, any suggestions?

Are you using the shield that reserves all but 1 of your health and gives you +100% shield capacity?

@deimoskw i had it equipped but removed it a long time ago. Sigh. I guess even after I unequipped it the effect stayed?

I guess you could try equipping Loaded Dice in online mode, then go back to offline mode and unequip it to see if your health goes back to normal. Idk just throwing out ideas.

never had that shield but fixed my problem by playing slots, no kidding. decided to use up all my money playing slots and when I got a love grenade that killed me I regen all my life. Not lying. Weirdest thing I ever saw in one of these games.

Did u figure out how to fix this because im having the same problem

while having equipped a loaded dice I have that exact amount of hp so I think that is the issue here