Max Level Character Reset to Level 10 (SOLVED)

I had a level 65 Siren I’d been playing almost exclusively - played through the main story and all the DLCs, set up a really nice build and learned how to play it, and was working on mayhem levels and grinding some really nice guns.

Logging back into the game this morning, and it tells me that my character is now level 10 (where it would have been a month ago), and only has the guns, loot, and story progress it would have had at the time. All the progress I’d made on that account seems to be gone, including everything I’d found that worked cross-characters. Obviously I want all my progress back, it’s pretty crushing to lose all those hours of work.

Playing on Steam rather than Epic if that helps.

UPDATE: After a cheeky panic-induced crash course on .sav files and Steam cloud resets we got it sussed out. If anyone else has the same issue first thing to look at is the steam cloud backups, which there’s good resources explaining on youtube, and replacing corrupted files manually when the system doesn’t recognise the issue (?)

Anyway we got it working so yeet.

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