Max level leet haxors solo?

i’ve only done a few rounds of this at 70. got thru lvl 5, but how high have people managed solo (nisha especially)?

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9, but only with real good gear and friendly mutators and some luck on the waves.

Hm. eos dropped me a luck cannon. it seems that shadowtrap at 9 is an auto scrub from what i’ve read, but i am feeling my way up the food chain. mostly the rocket spamming bots cause me the most death.

bulwark works better than morq or reogenator for me. have a sham with 77% but bulwark have mostly better overall stats.

i’m using the grenade that restores shields atm, and only have semi good legs (long bow storm front). might try a homing quasar for giggles.

nisha seems to kill best with striker/jacobs sniper (a glitch one, but i have a skullsmasher i have not tried)/lcannon and occasional use of fatal.

i been using low grav and crit hit buffs for mutator cause tombstone.

I usually go for whatever mutator gives me glitch chests. Except for Vampire and Bleed, which are awful for Nisha if you’re not using a Celestial COM.

My fav shields are the Haymaker (max +HP boost), Purple Adaptive (high shield capacity and still decent HP boost), Naught (constant shield recharge, good for the DoT mutators besides vamp), Shield of Ages for Glass Turtle.

My fav grenade is always the cryo transfusion. Freezes enemies, heals me, simple as that.

And else I just spam luck cannon from max distance with Trickshot at 6/5 or more to get the most out of the explosive proc.

Level 9 with top gear Nisha, no shadowtrap of course…

Did level 7 with cs athena, only won after several attempts. Really need cryo+tediore reloads (laser disker). Also used a glitch incendiary hyperiin shotgun, and a shock Hail. With 5/5 conduit and a Rerouter there’s a lot of heals on hand with that gun. But yeah, I prefer the “rabbit” mod, which, unfortunately, makes bug waves near-impossible.

lv. 9 with Aurelia, no shadowtrap

Hey guys, where is mutator arena?

haxorz side mission at deck 13 near 13 1/2 fast travel

Ok thanks.

I have yet to see a single legit level 9 mutatar area completetion by any vault hunter in the whole internet. Though there were bunch of videos starring luneshined heartbreakers, Luck cannons, etc.

why not check the vid in my Clap build? Should be legit enough.

Had to chase down some identity thiefs with the flakker, nothing out of the ordinary else.

Thanks man, I ll check that, but I will be also looking for one with Nisha. Glad we have you Ha_Na. There are hardly anyone playing those arenas anymore.

Nisha has an even easier time, supposing you don’t roll vampire. Luck Cannon everything, and laser disker when you can’t grab a kill skill.

Embarassingly, i still have yet to even attempt “leet haxors”.

What are the rewards like as you fight through?

Beat it first try on my hybrid athena using friendly mods (rabbit and close quarters) no shadow trap though.
8 slices with bad mods was actually a bit harder (I did not like low grav).

Recorded a quick Nisha round at 9, cleared in under 3 min. I was lucky with the waves though, no super mean enemies like BA bugs.

:tv: Nisha vs Mutator Arena diff 9

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I finaly did it again (without shadowtrap) but it took about 50+ tries again. The badasses always swarm me and i cant get away and i hare that!!! I used primarily luck cannon, absolute zero, celestian lawbringer, shield of ages, meganade cryo and teanqulizer oz kit.

What are other succesfull Nishas using?? I need more concistency!!

Lvl9 is very challenging in solo. On the other hand, we are easily finishing the lvl9 with a friend both of us Nisha, one of us is freezer and the other with luck cannons.

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Yeah, your right! So big difrence between solo and with a friend, especially you! I belive it didnt even take 3 min, total and absolute domination!! :slight_smile: