Max number of backpack slots

With all DLC and all claptrap rescues taken into account across both playthroughs, the maximum amoun of backpack space is…? I’m curious because I love to hoard class mods but I want ample space for when I run Knoxx’s Armory, so if I know the max then I can hunt down the claptrap rescues I’ve missed.

when its all said and done, 72 total.

Thanks a lot! Apparently I have a few Claptraps left to find.

I really like the mechanic of unlocking SDU’s and skill points through quests or trials such as the Underdome and it would be interesting to see that return in a future installment of the series.

I’ll expand on Poisonedbite’s post in case you didn’t open his link. On playthrough 1 you can obtain a maximum of 42 slots. On playthrough 2, however, only the first five claptraps have a CHANCE of rewarding one which could bring you to a maximum of 57. You can increase these chances by filling your backpack prior to completing the quest. If you don’t get it, sign out and repeat the process. You’ll have to use this same method for the claptrap rescue missions in all of the dlc as well. There’s one in each Zombie Island playthrough and Claptrap Robolution. The Knoxx dlc only has a chance of rewarding a backpack sdu on playthrough one and I generally avoid this one because of the amount of time it takes to get there.

Yeah I read it. And I already completed most of the PT2 Claptrap quests, which is unfortunate. But knowing the number from PT1 is important, because I’d missed a few and I’m going to have to go back and look for them. It’s kind of an odd system, with only a questionable chance of getting an SDU from some of the Claptraps.

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Sorry to necro this topic, but I found it via search and didn’t want to start a whole new topic. I know Back in the PS3 days I had either 69 or 72 slots.

My current PS4 level 69 Siren currently has 51 and I know got every PT1 one SDU upgrade because I got the trophy for getting 42 inventory slots long before killing PT1 Destroyer.

How do I get from 51 to 72?

See the wiki link in the second post. We also had this discussion in another thread recently. Basically, there are only a few guaranteed SDUs in second play-through so you will need to farm the mission turn in (read-only/dashboard until you get offered an SDU). It is claimed that if your inventory is over-filled (by turning in missions) your chance of getting the rng SDUs is increased, but I don’t know how well that was tested. And apparently advancing the main story to “Find Steele” nixes your chances of getting the Pt.2 DLC SDUs.

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I Read the wiki link.

Maybe I was tired, it confused me.

Thanks @VaultHunter101 !

EDIT: Oh, and I am in the PT2 vault for my Siren, so I guess I’m screwed?

That sucks.

Wait, so the bonus SDUs are luckbased in PT2?
I never got one from the Claptraps, always a Grenade Mod

Aaaaaaand I also already beat the Destroyer

Some folks have got lucky and obtained the SDU in the first few tries. I’m not sure I have the patience to farm the Knoxx SDU - that’s quite the hike just to farm the turn in.


Try it. I am 100% sure I got the claptrap DLC one after beating the PT2 destroyer.

I have console’d out 9 times now in the Crimson Fastness PT 2 (Destroyer not killed but Vault entered to active PT 2.5) and only grenade mods thus far.

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I just recently found out about all the SDU missions and how they work. I had obtained all 42 slots through my first PT of the main story, I haven’t done any DLC’s yet. Unfortunately on my PT2 of the main story i wasn’t aware of how these weren’t guaranteed so 4 out of 5 were grenades :frowning:

Now today on PT 2.5 I did the Claptrap DLC for the first time and I got an SDU. This was the first DLC SDU I’ve obtained so hopefully I get lucky with some more.