Max possible damage of Big Badaboom, and is it good?

I use an explosive Axton, and my Big Badaboom does 3,723,654 damage times 6. Is that the max? Do i even want to be using this thing at all?

I don’t know the specific stats that can be the max but I can identify the parts if you could share a pic, and then see what could be better if you’re going for raw damage. :smile:

It’s widely considered to be a top tier RL, so… Yeah! Use it!

Badaboom is neat. Links to all the max stats spreadsheets (google docs) are in the part spotters guide I posted in your other thread. You might want to bookmark them (or do what I did and save local copies!)

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Not sure on max because you’d need a torgue grip for that but the bandit grip is better for it. But yes its a top tier launcher only one i like better is the Creamer

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Thank you for that guide! i tried looking at it before posting, but all the damage was tue same.

Much appreciatd!

That’s all torque parts and a damage prefix so its the highest damage per shot, excluding elements. TORQUE WOULD BE PROUD!!!

The sight doesn’t matter for per shot damage but if i could see it that would be nice because it can effect other aspects such as reload speed and accuracy.

The Badaboom is one of the best rocket launchers in the game for every character. The one you got there has all Torgue parts, which I think will give you max damage, but it will make your reload speed, accuracy and fire rate worse. If I’m not mistaken, you got a Maliwan sight there, which is pretty good. It will improve the missile speed. Personally, I’d prefer a Bandit grip and either a Bandit or Vladof exhaust. Rocket launchers already have a pretty high damage output anyway, so I usually go for parts that will improve fire rate, mag size, reload speed or missile speed. But if you’re going for the highest damage output, you got a pretty good one there.

Isn’t that a bandit barrel or whatever that part is called on RL’s? Is that part fixed? if it isn’t then that is not an all torgue badaboom.

The barrel on the Badaboom is fixed; it’s what gives it the special properties.

Oh okay then it is all torgue good to know if I ever start farming for one

That is indeed a Bandit barrel - good catch! Torgue grip and exhaust, weapon damage acceesory (but reduced fire rate and increased recoil) and does indeed look like the Maliwan sight. Barrel and grip also boost damage but reduce accuracy in this case, while exhaust boosts damage and reduces fire rate.

The barrel is always fixed on all unique guns. Blue uniques, legendaries, pearls, seraphs… Their barrels are always the same.

I think sight matters on a launcher.


And the Badaboom is the 2nd best launcher in the game and waaaaaay more ammo efficient.

And a hundred times easier to get.

Oh yes…you want to use it.

Only other explosive Launcher I might consider is a Creamer.
Good on ammo
It’s explosive
It’s a Moxxie so it heals.
Has a projo split

But it’s really, REALLY hard to beat a Badaboom.


My ideal parts would be Bandit grip, Torgue exhaust, Tediore sight and Damage prefix. The Tediore sight and Bandit grip reduces reload speed and increases mag size while the Torgue exhaust and Dammage prefix provide a nice balance between Reload/Damage.