Max Stat Gear Lists

Since the Old Forum is now Archived, and the 'links" don’t work, I thought I would move it over to the NEW Forum.

… Assault Rifle Stats List …

… Pistol Stats List …

… Rocket Launcher Stats List …

… Shotgun Stats List …

… SMG Stats List …

… Sniper Rifle Stats List …

… Class Mods Max Stats List …

… Grenade Mod Max Stats List …

… Relic Max Stats List …

… Shield Max Stats List …

… The Gear Calculator …

… Gear Locations & Loot Pools …

… Gun Prefixes …

… Master Head & Skin List …

… Weapon Parts Guide …

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Thanks a lot, but why post it here?

can the max stats list be pinned to the top of the page so its easier to find plz

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I believe a Moderator would have to authorize that and make it a sticky.

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Moving to Loot and Weapons chat per request! :smile:


Moved to loot

@Kitty_Jo would this be good to add to your lootology?

Joe beat me to it


Yep. Added.


Grateful that the time I took to add this to the BL2 community is appreciated. Thanks for the sticky.


Not sure if you want to fix it or not but it says the Fastball “Does not drop at the moment” in the loot pool spreadsheets

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Thanks a lot for these tables, but I noticed one feature: when it comes to Zer0’s Legendary Sniper Class Mods, the information regarding them which is given in the Class Mods Max Stats list is in fact misleading - that is because of different mechanics for these Mods. Basically, the higher (where C5 is the highest) CX penalty stat, the less the Legendary Sniper Class Mods cut off Zer0’s Shield Capacity, and vice versa. So, the perfect Legendary Sniper Class Mod features not only A5 and B5 stats which positively affect his Sniper Rifle Gun Damage and Sniper Rifle Critical Damage, respectively, but also C5 penalty stat because it provides the lowest possible Shield Capacity decrease, and the Class Mods Max Stats List given here considers these Mods with C0 penalty the best, which is obviously incorrect. :wink:

Since the level cap has been increased with the latest DLC, what about updating these tables?


That’s a great idea, let me
know when you complete them.


The original max stats lists were an intensive collaborative effort, so I understand BTKs response even if I would have worded it a little differently.

That said, I believe the old OP8 gear stats would basically be the new level 80, so that should at least give you a starting point.


I believe that only the end-game (which is now OP10) gear stats matter, anything lower is not worth anyone’s precious time spent on finding its max stats.

Since I’m only interested in a few items (not weapons), I seriously doubt I’m the right person for that mission. :laughing:

And that you’re a perfect gear expert, maybe you can help us out with some specific requests, good sir? :hugs:


Does anyone know how to calculate the stats for OP10 gear?
I din’t know if anyone is making an updated list, but if help is needed, I would be willing to help out.


There are ways to calculate the stats based on formulae but the math would get pretty silly. The only practical way at this time would be to “manufacture” them individually. I’m certainly not going to do it but it wouldn’t take very long.


I would probably attempt to do it, if only I knew how.


Remember when I said…

…yah. I’m an idiot. I took a close look at the list. It would be a gargantuan task. Seventy iterations just of the Bearcat.

I seriously doubt anyone wants to take this on. Not alone and I can’t think of any of the regulars that I could (or would want to) rope together. Deepest and humblest tip-o-the-hat to @BTKs and all involved.

There’s a lot you need to know going into it even if you’re capable (meaning : on PC). PM me if you want more detail.


It would take a very long time.
As an example an all Dahl Sandhawk at LVL 61 = 16749
If you add around 13% every level you will end up at 64247 at level 72.
So compound 13% 8 more times = 170796 at 72 OP8.
Finally 10 more to reach LVL 80 OP10 = 579778 damage.

There you go we have our first approximation at OP10


Doesn’t seem too difficult, just pretty tedious.
Why 13% increase every time?