Max Stat Gear Lists

It seems that the only increase is damage, and since the variation of parts already have damage numbers on them, all that would need to be changed are damage numbers.
Still tedious, but there’s already set numbers to work off of.

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It’s not that difficult AFTER you figure out what the coders chose as the % percentage being compounded. Most weapons are 13%, ( not sure why this number was picked ). The Sandhawks are around 12.99% or rounded off.
Relics are around .91% with some rounding off as well.
Figure the compounded percentage out for the Class Mods, Shields & Grenades and you’re good to go.

** Just saw your gamertag. Has a 13 & .91 in it. What are the odds of that??? **


@Beedon is the chosen one to update the list :wink::wink:


That’s the gun formula. It’s exponential. Of course it’s also affected by individual parts and accessory. So have fun.



Possibility for error without real world confirmation : 83.7%

Ask peddro - he seems to do nothing else but calculate.


Are you saying the amount that is increased per level (1.13) changes with every single part variation?
So some increases could be 11.5, or 12.2, and so on?

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IIUC the accessories modify the base damage. Whether the modifier values are fixed or also vary with level, I don’t know. The gun damage formula can be found here:

I think the accessories that increase damage would do so via the term in the “NormalHit” equation near the top?

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But since the data already includes the values with different parts, would that not mean you would just have to do calculations of 13 percent increases for each number?

The data already has every weapon with stats on levels 50, 61, 72, and all of the OP levels. Since there were no parts change, that means that all parts still have the same effect, which would mean that the only thing that changes is damage values.

I think, lol.


I am sorry but I am confused , where do i go to see the max list of stats ? I used to use this list a lot but now is not functional .


link still works when i click it, what are you looking for. although this list is only up to the old OP8 (or Level 80 now).


I am looking at the forum through my phone , can you post the link for the updated one ? I am not sure why I cannot see it .

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I am trying to have the shields and mods links to see the max stats for set gear on my salvador

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Ok , I found a workaround , my phone doesn’t like me . Is there gonna be a level op 10 update ? Or it is too much work to compile ? Thanks for helping .

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It is a lot of work to compile. I am not aware of anyone actively working on this.