Max stats on gear

is there a max stat on gear? and if so has someone compiled a list yet of what the max stats on a peice of gear can be for the primary and secondary stats

I suspect I might know some of the max values, seeing how many of coincidental highest value items I have.

  • Max cost on common gear/green gear with negative: 420.
  • Max cost on green gear: 714
  • Max cost on blue gear: 924
  • Max cost on purple gear with negative: 756
  • Max cost on purple gear: 1050
  • Max hp regen primary: 7
  • Max shield recharge primary: 42
  • Max health primary: 280
  • Max shield primary: 140
  • Max damage reduction primary: 5.6%
  • Max attack damage primary: 9.8%
  • Max attack speed primary: 9.8%
  • Max reload speed primary: 21%
  • Max move speed primary: 5.6%
  • Max healing power primary: 14%
  • Max critical damage primary: 10.5%
  • Max bonus shards per second primary: 2.1
  • Max shield recharge delay reduction primary: 1.05
  • Max cooldown time reduction primary: 7%
  • Max recoil reduction primary: 17.5%
  • Max shield penetration: 21%

I guess someone could check some of these values with the new standardized character lore legendaries though.

Values missing: Max cost of blue with negative, max CC reduction primary, max sprint speed primary. Too lazy to add values for secondary stats for the moment. Max negative values co-relate with max primary values.

EDIT: Health penalty no longer co-relate with max primary values: Max health penalty is now -210.

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Nice post.

Man, that’s low. I thought I had bad luck always getting ones below 2, and tossed them away, hoping to get one with 5 or more.

Standardized lore legendaries? Since when? There was no hot fix for that… If I’m wrong please let me know

since u sent that i actually already have a complete list of all stats
forgot to close this thread. i actually had them within about 10 minutes of me posting this thread

Just an update: Max health penalty no longer co-relate with max primary health value. Max health penalty is now -210.