Maxed bank SDU's and lost loot SDU's reset

So i noticed today that my maxed out bank sdu and lost loot sdu. Somehow went back to the beginning when you can first buy them. Yet i still have all my loot in the bank 261/20 it says now. Nothing else was changed as far as i can tell. Has anyone had this happen?

I loaded in one of my most current save’s that i had backed up and it fixed it for now. Hoping this dont happen again.

Could you take that earlier save, make a backup and see if you can recreate the bank glitch to confirm if it wasn’t just a freak fluke?

actually i can since i loaded a save from 12/11 that i had saved to farm pain. I have 6 farm save’s and 2 back up saves thats on my usb and on my laptop for a back up of my usb since i play on ps4. I think what happened and i will test this for you. Is that when i put my current save on the usb into a folder, and copied the farm save out of the folder i also copied the older profile save there too even though i never copied the profile save to the ps4 just the VH. So i don’t know if that was the issue or not. Cause when i replaced the older profile with the current and then copied it to the system it fixed it so again i will see if i can recreate it.

The Bank is really weird. I just started a new Amara. I need to buy Bank upgrades even though all 300 slots of the Bank are already unlocked thanks to my Flak and shared bank space.

I like the shared bank space, that said i also believe they need individual banks for each time you create a character too.

I don’t have backup saves like that (Xbox) and my Bank and Lost loot reset to the starting values. The only thing I did differently is I loaded from a different xbox console, but I’ve used that one before and had my maxxed out SDUs, so profile changes can’t be it.

At least I have the money to rebuy the slots. But it was shocking to only have 5 items in my lost loot when I know I left more than that around.

As much as I like the game, it’s painful losing progress due to bugs.

Playing on ps4, the same glitch happened to me also earlier today. Since the seems to be corrupted save was the one I saved to my online storage, I don’t have any backups and there’s nothing I could do.