Maxed out Mordeci?

Looking for a maxed out Mordeci with all legendary weapons. I have a maxed out Axton for BL2 with all legendarys that I’d be willing to copy and trade…

I’d also need someone to tell me how to make such a trade.

I’m fairly sure this’ll get locked, so I’m popping in to say hi.

I’m sure it is possible, but it doesn’t take long at all to just play the game and level yourself up. Or have someone help you level up.

There’s tons of guides floating around here that can assist you in quickly leveling up and blazing through the game to get to end game. Instant gratification is never the option, sir. I mean, you could be level 40 by now while you were typing this post out.

Sharing saves isnt supported on these forums.

As mentioned, it really dosnt take too long to level one up. Or even having someone powerlevel you.

But trading for save files just isnt allowed here.