Maximizing Badass Point Usage

I did a search and I couldn’t find that this has been previously addressed - I kind of came across this method by accident but if you want to maximize certain parameters on your badass points, one method I used on TPS was to specifically NOT give upgrades to four things - you can pick out the four thing but I selected shield regeneration and health related parameters. This means that at some point when you select Badass points - instead of five random areas to upgrade, you will get your four “denied” multipliers and one of your “favored” multipliers. You then just continue to ignore the denied ones and plough your points into the others. Since my gameplay is very oriented towards applying lots of damage fast, this means I have been able to quickly up those parameters for things like gun damage, grenade damage and elemental damage.


Indeed, it’s the same trick from BL2.

However, I don’t think it’s been discussed much outside the old forum.

Thus, you get a like.

Worth noting that, after some investment, if the four ignored stats are still low, you will get Max Health as your 5th option (meaning it will show up twice if Max Health was one of the ignored stats).

To remedy this, it’s possible to invest in the ignored stats one at a time until a 5th option reappears.

For my part, my ignored stats were Max Health, Shield Capacity, Shield Recharge Delay, and Recoil Reduction.

Health for Gating
Shield Capacity for faster recharging (because Recharge Rate is not ignored)
Delay because of Melee shields (this is irrelevant in TPS, any other stat can go here)
Recoil Reduction because of its detrimental nature for Hyperion weaponry, and largely negligible effect otherwise.

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I don’t use it because I don’t like the system.

I have some ideas about how to make it better next time, I’ll write it up…someday

I’ve tried both ways using the bad ass points and not using them. I haven’t found they have effected my game play one way or the other. Then again, if I’m able to defeat a boss in a reasonable amount of attempts I’m good. Unless I’m going to do PVP in a game I don’t see the need to obsess over getting the absolute maximum from each character. Much rather play the game and enjoy it rather than pour over spreadsheets. That is too much like work instead of a game.

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Good points and you should play the game your own way. I think the enhancements due to the Badass points makes subsequent playthroughs go quicker. I think I spent alot of time on the ground on my first playthrough and lots less on my sixth in part because of the points (and also because I know the maps and know the enemy types).

I tried to do it that way in TPS, but the game reset my BAR 3 times. I got so tired of reapplying the points in specific places (it took half an hour or more from gameplay) that I just started putting them wherever. With the exception of reload speed, I don’t find that any of the stt boosts make a difference.

can anyone explain this thread to me? I am unaware of the ability to manipulate the BAR points. I have roughly 24K BAR and my highest buff stat is 10.2%

For Example: I would love to keep adding to my gun damage, but after a while I can’t add to it. I can only add to “other” buffs. How can I get around that?

I tend to stick my BA points into anything that affects my guns, shield cap, or damage and leave everything else alone. If I have to and don’t have any other choice, I’ll put a point in elemental effect damage.

RNG still plays its role and it’s still random. For example, you could get gun damage 5 times in a row, or you might not get it for 20 times.

so the point selection is random? I thought it was based on how low your stats are on any buff and those buffs will be the ones you’ll get to select from. so I can just ignore them and wait for RNG to allow me to add to “gun damage” again?

Does anyone know how to reset the BAR points you’ve chosen so far? so I can respec my BAR points? can that even be done?

It’s sort of random. Select four traits that you don’t want to add to. Never add to these four traits. In my case I chose Shield related items and a health related item. Eventually the “random” selector will kick up the lowest traits plus one random selection from your favorite traits. You can’t “select” gun damage but it will come up enough that you will have buffed up all the traits except those that you purposely left off. I did this mainly because my style of play (the Gunslinger) was to inflict as much damage as quickly as possible and then go hide for the reloads. I also used turtle shields and such and character perks that ameliorated the lack of badass points in those four areas.

so I guess I’ll have to start now. LOL
since my lowest buff is 8%. I’ll just start ignoring the ones I don’t want(only 4) and go from here. Thanks for the info.

Just be aware that if one stat gets low enough you’ll encounter a glitch that makes maximum health as all 5 options. So try to not make those unwanted stats too low.

You can skew the points toward the attributes you want most. I do just that. But you can’t outright ignore 4 of them. Eventually, the system will punish you, or break–however you want to look at it. If you start seeing some attributes pop up a lot, “waste” a point or two in them. You don’t want to anger the programming gods.

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I try to always apply points to shield recharge, delay and capacity, If they aren’t available I go to gun damage

Basically same as jim_hofmann says, put points into the ones you want to incease. The way I have this spread at least 1, if not 2, of what I want comes up for me to pick from each time

  1. Max Health 24%
  2. Shield capacity 21.5%
  3. Shield recharge rate 15%
  4. Melee Damage 14%
  5. Grenade Damage 21.5%
  6. Gun Accuracy 26%
  7. Gun Damage 34.5%
  8. Fire Rate 16.5%
  9. Reload Speed 21%
  10. Elemental Effect Damage 21%
  11. Critical Hit Damage 19%

Never has happened to me and all stats not listed above have “0” points in them. AS can be seen by the stats, everything I do in TPS works towards the BA Rank / Stats,
Also, these stats are from a post I made to a post about BA Rank in TPS over 5 months ago, so they have been added to since then and still have not seen that glitch (not saying I wont, but it has not happened yet)

you have pretty high percentages. What is your BAR rank at? I’m almost to 25K an I’m not even close to those percentages.

BAR at the time of those percentages was around 120,000. I have farmed it higher since then, have had the game since day one and unlike BL2, I’ve spent 1 to 2 hours a night out of 5 doing nothing but farming the BAR.
And before you ask How, don’t bother, made the mistake awhile back of listing one of the methods here and with the next patch that method was nerfed. Just that it is Legit is all I will say

I remember a lot of discussion about this in borderlands 2. And I think the general consensus was you didn’t even feel the results of your bar rank until you hit percentages around 15%. I have Played pretty consistently and I’m just now approaching 10% on all my bar ranks and I really don’t feel it at all.

I can turn my bar completely off and not really feel the difference in my gameplay.

Which is why I really wish there were more raids. Because in the raid competitions you had to play with bar off anyway. So now would be the perfect time to go raiding …darn it!

I completely agree. I’m approaching 10% on most of my BAR buffs as well. I don’t notice a thing on my level 70 characters. It actually does help when you first start a new character though.