Maximum Shield Strength Gear on Eldrid?

If you activate a piece of gear that boosts your maximum shield strength on an eldrid Battleborn, does that give them a shield or bear no effect?

They get a shield in that amount.

Interestingly, Kelvin already has a shield with negative recharge rate. If you use max stat shield recharge rate gear, Kelvin will have a shield. You can then stack that with shield strength gear to make Kelvin that much harder to kill, in case he wasn’t tanky enough already.

interestingly enough, when Kelvin enters combat his shield recharge rate decreases even further. This makes any shields gained from bonus recharged rate deplete. However, I think max shield will increase how much shields he gets upon skill activation.

I’ve tested it with max stat shield recharge rate gear, his shield does stay up but it needs to be perfect gear. I don’t like Kelvin but it’s fun to find these little niches in the game.

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…I use these with Deande and Thorn but to be honest they only help a bit.
When you give these characters a shield of +140 it’s only a very thin edge between life and death.

Do you use +shield strength with Deande for Burst Dash? I main Deande and Thorn as well as Phoebe, never found extra shield to be anything more than a waste of a gear slot TBH :frowning:

Agreed. Only defense in favor of eldrid shield I’ve heard worth noting is you can’t be critically hit with shield up.

…Because I absolutely hate the edge Ronin have against us and that little bit does help.
I’ve seen Ronin in Advanced mode jump about 40 feet in any direction and do 2k damage.

Oh those bloody things. 40,000,000 shield, 85,000 DPS, 970mp/h movement speed, 7 minute slow. Bloody ridiculous things, one alone can sweep a whole team but they spawn in groups by the hundreds and thousands.

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Indeed, I have a screen shot of 7 of them spawning out of nowhere in adv mode and took down our team instantly.
It is my honest belief* that this sort of thing is hurting sales.
*(275 hours in this game since it released, Story mode only.)

Wow, that’s dedication! I have + 100+ hours but mostly PvP, sadly due to a recent move I haven’t had internet for a week :frowning:

…Blessing and a curse. :slight_smile:

Certainly not a blessing lol, I have to use my partner’s phone just to keep up with the forums :frowning:

…From my perspective anyway, I’m Native American and spent 40 days alone in the desert, which was the best 40 days of my entire life so far. :sunny:

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At least you didn’t get grounded the friday after launch and missed out on everything including the double xp event until about this last saturday.

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Wow that’s actually really cool. I love the peace and tranquility of nature, but I’m a gamer at heart lol.

Don’t use negative shield strength gear on Boldur though, I got less shields from overshields given by crash helmet and shepherd. I assume it’s the same for reyna’s overshield as well.

This is a good topic actually. I’ve seen a couple of Thorn’s running with shields and thought they were hackers :smile:

But, in the fact a shield will stop crits, it also recharges quicker than health. So maybe worthy of consideration if the right items could be used in the loadout. Also - that first shot maybe a big crit, but having the shield there prevents it and may give you that split second to move off.

If a Battleborn doesn’t have a shield, there’s a good chance they aren’t supposed to run shields. More than likely, you’re supposed to be using your helix build for survivability.

Example: Kelvin. Kelvin’s skills replenish his shield, so by level 3/4 you can continuously regen your shields and by 10 you’re a monster. His shield granted scales with his shield capacity, so you want shield capacity rather than a shield recharge.

Just remember: if they don’t have a shield, study your helix and you should figure out how to extend your survivability. By using a shield gear piece that you don’t need, you’re taking up a load out spot that could be used for something better.

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