Maxxi's Bouncing Pair Question

I have the Anointed Siren version and it says after phasegrasping an enemy, Amara fires Terror skulls at the grasped target dealing 3718 damage. I am not seeing these Terror skulls after Phasegrasping an enemy? Can someone please give me some info about this?


It looks like it works only with Phasegrasp, so if you are using Ties That Bind or other version it will not proc.

I am using Phasegrasp, Stillness of Mind, and Soulfire. Is it because of Soulfire being used as well?

I just took soulfire off and it still isn’t working lol. I wonder why it’s not working for me. All I am using is Phasegrasp.

I have NOT read the thread, but, 2 attaboys, simply for the thread title. Keep up the good work!

What you talking about?

EXACTLY! Well done, indeed!

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hmm ok what you’re saying makes a lot of sense. I posted a question about a weapon in the Loot and Weapons category so I really don’t know why you have to troll on the forums. Whatever floats your boat though lol

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Ahh, man. Nothing personal, at all, and I respect your inquiry, completely. Am only jesting on the title. Please excuse my irreverence.

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Ohhh LOL I think I know what you are referring to now. “Bouncing Pair” I may be wrong but if that’s what you were referring to then I do apologize!

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Indeed, sir. I found your title intitulating. Please excuse my seeming irreverence to your firvent query, regarding the subject matter. I truly meant no disregard.

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I apologize again for my misunderstanding!

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While it doesn’t mention terror this anoint is a terror anoint and fires 1 skull per stack of terror when you phasegrasp (and it does work with any phasegrasp variant). It’s by and large useless imo.


It’s the same reason I checked this thread lol.

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The damage the skulls do is also nothing to write home about. Literally every other general Terror Annointment is better. I’m personally quite found of the ones that give you handling. It makes most Jakobes and Vladof weapons super easy to control.