May have messed up Handsome Collection--XBOX One

Hi All-

OK did I mess up? My objective was to get to UVH mode. I was in TVH mode (second time around in the game), defeated the warrior and then exited the game. I then restarted the game assuming I would be in UVH mode, but then learned that I should have gone on to level 50 before starting anew. I was at level 35 or so. OK–figured I screwed up and would need to play the TVH mode again (yikes).

Anyway, when I did that I changed characters and then read that when changing characters the whole game starts over again in regular vault hunter mode. Uh Oh. So I switched back to my original character by starting the game over again.

Did I mess up and am I back to the very beginning with regular play? If so, is there a way to fix this without replaying everything twice more? And if I have to, are there short cuts?


Switching characters does start the game over but you don’t loose the progress you made with the one you were playing. Just go back to them and they will be where you left off.

What is confusing to me is how did you beat TVHM at 35?

He probably just ran through the story both times, doing no sidequests.

Yeah but TVHM doesn’t scale to you like UVHM so the final parts are level 50. It seems pretty hard to beat the warrior as a level 35.

I could be wrong there.

OK–I don’t know what I did at level 35 in TVHM.

I bought the game and completed the game once with the character I was using. I was told that I was automatically placed in TVHM when I restarted (I asked around about how you can tell and was told that you really can’t, it is automatic).

So I played the game again, and was able to get to the warrior sequence at about level 33. I also did almost every side quest, neglecting the “timing” quests (I don’t like those) and a few others but did most.

Did I mess up somehow?

Is there a way to tell what mode you are playing in on Xbox One?

I’m just not sure.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


You don’t automatically start in TVHM or UVHM. When you go back to the main menu after defeating the Warrior as part of the final mission you’ll be given the option to start on TVHM or UVHM (you receive the appropriate message after the credits) upon selecting Continue depending on which mode you did last (this happens only twice for each character, once for TVHM and another for UVHM). At that moment you start the game again with tougher enemies and higher levels.
After that you have to re-select your character to switch your playthroughs (mode). Progress in each mode is independent from the others and each character.

I think you are in normal mode still, BlackHeart explained what you need to do.

OK–so I apparently did mess up? I completed the base game at about level 33. I did not watch all the credits (do you have to?).

I went back to the main menu and did not get any options (I thought on Xbox One) you don;t get options, you just restart a new game.

Where are the options? Do you need to select a new game? Or just continue?

If I already started a new game (with the same character) did I miss my chance and therefore ahve to play through again?



Go to the main screen and choose to select character, select your character that you just beat the game with. You should get a dialog box that asks you if you want NVHM or TVHM

I’m not sure, but it seems to me that you completed two playthroughs of normal mode with the same character class. You can have multiple characters of the same class, but they aren’t exactly the same character. When you thought you were in TVHM, did you start from level 0 with no gear? If you did, you just started a new character in normal mode instead of continuing with your first character in TVHM. In the main menu, choose “select character” (I think it’s the Y button on Xbox) and check your character list. See if you have multiple characters of the same class. Then choose the character you want to continue on to TVHM (or UVHM, if you did in fact complete TVHM already). Once you do that you’ll be given the option to select the game mode you want to continue in.

Wow–stupid me-

Yes the character was there all along and apparently I need to select TVHM and play that out



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