May Need a Nerf?

I don’t know if I’m just raging or not, but el Dragon is unstoppable I swear. Not only is his attack very strong, but so is his defense. If he needs to run, he’s gone, if he wants you dead, you’re dead. It’s so hard to kill him. :frowning:

He is in a pretty good place at the moment. El dragon is my first master and I have around 110 matches with him under my belt. The dude is crazy powerful but he also has a decent amount going against him. His early game is not great but mid to late he is a beast. He requires you to keep your awareness at full capacity and punishes you if you get tunnel visioned into a task. All you really need to do to shut him down is drop a cc on him. I can’t tell you how many times I have just had to bounce out from the battlefield once I have been focused by basically anything. If you are worried about dealing with an el dragon try picking up characters like caldarius, characters with cc, or the dreaded hard counter to el dragon: Montana

I see him as the assassins assassin. He can kill basically anything, but can be absolutely shut down.

He is getting a few nerfs (not spoiling) but even when played at a very high level he still needs a team to back him up. It’s very easy to shut him down early game and a few characters like Rath, Gal, Kleese etc… are great counters to him late game.

? How do you know?

Well, he’s shut down very easily. Until he gets his ult, he can’t kill anything but minions, and even after that, his health is so low if more than one person is shooting at him, he has to retreat.

He’s super strong, but if they nerf him, he’ll be useless without a buff, but then he would just turn into another Attikus. Trust me on this, just try to learn how to counter play, and you’ll see just how easy it is to turn that flying luchador into a crying bebita.

Your post confuses the hell out of me. He is getting a few nerfs? Cause the rest of your post makes him sound balanced. Which he is

I HHAAATEE HIM SOOO MUCH I’M SO GLAD HE’S GETTING NERFED!!! CLAPPING IS NOT EVEN GAMEPLAY LIKE WTF IS THAT!!! [WHAT] [THE] [■■■■] IS THAT!!! UGH!!! AALLL EL DRAGONS ARE THE SAME AND IT’S PATHETIC!!! CLAP TO WIN LIKE THE WORLD OF BATTLEBORN IS RIDDLED WITH CHLAMYDIA!!! STUN CLAP STUN CLAP!! GOD!! THEY SHOULD NERF HIM INTO AN EMPTY CHARACTER SLOT!!! I HATE HIM MORE THAN ANY OTHER CHARACTER!!! SEEING 2 EL DRAGONS CLAP AT EACH OTHER IS THE DUMBEST ■■■■ IN THE WORLD TO WATCH!!! ARE YOU ■■■■■■■■ EVEN HAVING FUN!?! I BET YOU ARE WITH YOUR PERPETUAL AND PERSONAL ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!!.. whatever. I have no qualms with the character himself or people who like/main him. Just how they aalll play as him. People are calling him an assassin, yet one of the real assassins like Deande has acute unforgiving hitboxes, and less damage output against a good copy paste El Dragon. It all goes back to this easy character BS while certain other characters feel like they’re getting the shaft.

Soooooo… Just deande? She is the only “assassin” I have seen that is relatively complex(though I haven’t played her)

All the other assassins are relatively easy to play characters. You just gotta now how not to die

Dragons clap spam was a bit crazy I’ll admit but you can’t tell me he’s even playable now…

Deande and Whiskey are the hardest “assassins” to play as really. Even Phoebe is, who is also “Advanced” is very easy to play as. My issue is that El Dragon is outdoing real assassins… Now I just read all the nerfs for El Dragon and even I think that they’re a little too severe for players that enjoy him. :confused: Guess we’ll see.

They are too severe clap spam was annoying I agree( I only used clap on low health guys anyway) but they’ve nerfed him in areas that weren’t a problem in the first place

Hes squishier than Deande and doesnt have stealth, and has a fat hit box. You try it. Be the squishiest character in the game with a big hitbox and also melee, have fun.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s squishier than Deande. He does get a sizable damage reduction with helix choices and has one of the better escapes in the game.

Between that, his rather insane ult and the clap I was all for giving him a nerf. I think they went overboard though. Good players tended to do real well with him, newer players not so much. I’m worried that the skill gap on the character is now going to be so high no one is going to pick him up. Or worse, mediocre skilled players will keep picking him trying to take advantage of the above strengths and fail miserably.

And those failing people will all inevitably be placed on my team. :frowning:

He has as much health as her currently (which is stupid really) so you have no point there. The can both get in and get out as that’s what players do with them. I’m only complaining about the clapping. I don’t even think the other nerfs are neccessary. That being said idc.

You are not taking the size of his hitbox into account, which is a mistake. He’s a very large target.

Stop giving deande so much health, she is a spymistress not rath

So his giant hitbox justifies clapping as being his primary form of gameplay? Alrighty. You’re allowed to feel that way. As I said before, I don’t care. It won’t change the nerfs coming and it won’t make me think that he doesn’t need a nerf regarding the clapping which, once again, is all I’m complaining about.

No thats not even remotely close to what i was saying. His giant hitbox makes him SQUISHIER than an equal HP person. Hes an easier target, thats why attikus, despite his health, isnt a good tank.


The thing about Whiskey, is that I think they want you to play him as someone who can wipe every melee and tank off the map when aiming properly, but until you hit level 7, you just don’t have the health, utility, or damage to do so.

So you spend 90% of the match playing wave clear and destroying buildables, until you hit level 7, then your weapons all do decent damage, and you already should have triple nades and napalm. Meaning that minions are a mere trifle, and players have to watch their heads.

He’s never really played as an assassin, he’s more of a long range brawler, or something like that.

Of course, I’m just speaking on how I play him, and how I see him played. Once you’re high enough level, killing players becomes a breeze if you’ve got a few nades, and good aim.

TL;DR: Whiskey Foxtrot isn’t really an assassin, as the best way to play him, for me anyway, is to focus on wave clear until level 6 or 7, and then he’s got the damage and health to survive on the frontline. But he is best played as a long range brawler.