May we have official clarification on if Life steal is affected by Healing Recieved/Heal Power bonuses?

I’ve gone and tried to find a response made by GB about it, but it eludes me, if its out there. I would really enjoy getting to know if say I put Heal Power and Healing received on Rath, does that make his Syphon passive better?

I would like to know the same. Stacking lifesteal on some characters would be nice to have.

Lifesteal seems to count as both healing done and received and so seems to benefit from respective gear.

Keeping in mind, that most lifesteal is 10% of damage so with decent gear figure your healing +30% of that. Were talking only a few points from a couple peices of gear.

Say you do 100 damage, your lifesteal is 10% so 10 health, with a boost that become say around 13 health instead. Its not worth the gear slots. A single Health regen mod will often heal more then two healing gear peices (Though healing received is amazing if you have a real healer teamate)

Only gear that significantly impacts lifesteal is more lifesteal. Like the Leechsteal Brooch(10+% lifesteal on skills)

Well, when i use healing received on my lifesteal characters i get more healing than when i do not, take that as you want though, but it seems to work.