Maya All-Around Build

This is a build I came up with for Maya. I’m not sure if anyone has done this before, but I decided to post just in case no one did. This build allows for an all around type fighter without having to return to Sanctuary every time you are fighting different types of enemies. Really this build allows for me to switch up between the 3 main builds people use for Maya, and do so without having to spend a bunch of money and time switching up my perks to switch builds. I’m gonna leave the weapons up to the user (except the Sandhawk, the Sandhawk is a must when using Maya equipped with the Legendary Cat and Bee), but I will list the mods and shields you definitely need in case whoever is reading this doesn’t know about these builds., those are my perks.

I want to make it clear that I did not come up with these separate builds, I only found a way to put them together effectively.

As I already stated, the Legendary Cat com and Bee shield are paired. I have 1 perk in Mind’s Eye to get the 5 bonus perks from the class mod, while the rest of the main perks of this build are fully filled. This combination is good for fighting bosses and creatures, puts out a lot of DPS. I won’t go into full detail because the selections for this Build are fairly obvious, and I would be genuinely surprised if someone didn’t know about this build. Either way, with the perks I’ve selected, it helps this build nearly 100%, the exception being that I haven’t filled Mind’s Eye.

Next combination is the blue rarity Mirrored Trickster Mod and The Sham, mainly used for fighting against mobs of gunfighters. I selected Blight Phoenix, Converge, Chain Reaction, Kinetic Reflection, Suspension, Quicken, and Sub-Sequence for this build. Converge and Chain Reaction allows for crowd control, with Converge grouping the enemy together and Chain Reaction with 10 points eliminating the group quickly. Kinetic Reflection with 11 points allows you to be healed when shot as long as your kill skill is active, and if it isn’t, then The Sham shield has a high chance to absorb the bullets, negating the damage anyway. I selected 1 point in Blight Phoenix because admit it, the wings look cool, but also because the fire and corrosive DoT causes enemies to stagger which can give u enough time to get out of range and/or eliminate any melee attackers coming at you. Quicken, Suspension, and Sub-Sequence are selected so you can use Chain Reaction as much as possible.

The last two pieces of equipment are just an added bonus. I’ve seen Sirens running around at super speed, and I thought it’d be nice if I could do that too, while still being able to put out damage when I need to. I put 2 points in Fleet and have the Rough Rider shield along with the Breakneck Banshee com, I won’t be as fast as the others, but with 8 points in my Fleet skill, I will be moving 80% faster, and unlike them, when I get to my destination, I can switch on the fly to Cat or Trickster in order to put out plenty of damage.

As a side bonus to this build, I’ve also added Res and Sweet Release to my perks in order for me to provide a minimum of support if I am working with a team.

Anyway, that’s my build. Not sure if anyone will find it helpful, hope they do. Just remember, keep Bee, Rough Rider, The Sham, Legendary Cat, Mirrored Trickster, and Breakneck Banshee on you at all times, and you should be ready for anything.

Update: Adjustments on my build with the help of Carlton_Slayer:

Cloud Kill received such a major boost in the October 2015 patch that it now is seen as almost a must have skill. For solo players that point in Res would be of far better use in Cloud Kill. Other than that the build seems like it would work pretty well…


Thanks, and I was unaware of the Cloud Kill boost. I only ever used it once, years ago when I was still playing Xbox 360, I didn’t find it useful back then so I never tried it again. I’ll have to give er a go, as for losing Res, the majority of the time I play online with friends or randoms, so Res works for me quite well. But I will still try that Res point in Cloud Kill, see how it goes. Never know, I may like it more. Thanks for the info.

Since you play with friends leave the point in Res but take one off of Sweet Release instead- the healing rate should still be good enough to keep you up, especially if SR is boosted by a com…

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good idea, though i dont currently have any coms for sweet release, i got rid of my lgd nurse n binder, low level, 4 orbs is still enough, thnx.

Cloud Kill + Rubi = Holy Crap.


While this build most certainly will do the job offensively, you will find yourself in a great deal of trouble the minute you let the enemies get close to you. This is bound to happen at some point in areas such as WEP or Caustic caverns etc. The Bee offers very little protection to begin with, and it also has a really long delay. Ward is more or less a MUST HAVE when using the Bee, and Inertia is also a good idea. You’ll also need something better than the Sandhawk to get out of FFYL with. It’s one of the best guns in the game, but it really sucks in FFYL.

The lack of healing skills also leads me to believe that you will always have a Grog or a Rubi equipped. While this is definetly a valid method for healing, it also requires you to keep switching guns the whole time. When you do this, you give up your whole offense for a few seconds, which in turn can lead to enemies getting really close to you.


I have to disagree, while you’re right about the dangers of using this build, if you try to focus on everything, you will lose alot of strength in important areas. besides, the way i play, my goal isnt it get hit at all, i avoid coming close to enemies as best i can, for raid bosses my class isnt that great i kno, but if i have teammates who dont mind getting up close and personal, i can stay back and support and deal damage from afar without getting hit. if u are getting hit all the time then it is pointless to even use the bee, so putting ward on the bee doesnt really do much. and i am well aware that i need to find a better ffyl weapon, lol ive been trying hard to find a decent replacement for the norfleet, currently im working on the bitch, i hear that its a good weapon for ffyl, tryin to get myself a rightsizing shock bitch, that combined with immolate should do well. ive tried using the bee with ward and inertia a couple months ago, didnt work out well for me. and yes i always have rubi equipped, i got grog which i know is better, but the drunkness effect make me nauseous, lol so i cant use it. as for giving up my offense, i dont feel thats the case, i got converge to pull enemies away to give myself a chance to heal, and if im on cooldown, i also have quasar to pull em away aswell. also u mightve missed the part but when i fights mobs of shooters and whatnot, i dont use the bee or cat class, i use trickster and sham, negating nearly all incoming damage, infact being healed by enemies, i only use bee when fighting bosses like bnk-3r, warrior, raid bosses, and creatures like varkids and spiderants. otherwise its sham and trickster.

Anyway, the purpose of this build wasnt to make the strongest one, it was to combined 3 fav builds to be able to be used at once, while losing as little power as possible, in that regard i feel i succeeded.

:smile: I suppose that’s really the best one can do to avoid taking damage, but still… If you manage to pull that one off… I suppose there’s a first time for everything!

Yes it does! Especially if you use a COM that boosts it even more. It’s a huge boost that will give the Bee a chance to recover so you can take down the enemies before they hit you again.

I’m not trying to bash your build, if that’s what you think. I’m simply trying to offer some advice that I, and others here, have learned from long experience. Some pointers to help you enjoy the game more. The Bee is a great shield in some situations, but it’s really bad in others. And the main point I was trying to make, but didn’t manage to do, is this:

Re-specing for various purposes will always get you the most out of your charater and gear.

A Trickster COM paired with a Sham doesn’t require neither Ward nor Inertia. It cedrtainly won’t hurt to use them, but they’re not needed. The Bee, however, more or less demands you to spec in Ward. Inertia depends on what you’re up against.

If you use guns and gear that work well for you, then that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? If the rest of us don’t use it that way, then perhaps that’s our loss …or not. Enjoy the game! :acmaffirmative:

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Ive been playing since release, so ive got a pretty good idea of wat works for me, i manage to avoid melee types pretty easily, its the shooting types that give me a hard time, which is why i included the sham trickster setup in my combination build. but clearly ure missing the point of my build so i’ll just leave it at that.

I like it because you like it. Maya can do and use so many things. There really isn’t too many bad things you can do with her.

Wellness is a great skill, so is inertia. I know you said you try to just avoid trading damage all together but inevitably your shield will get nicked.

I also main a subsequence Maya, but I main the vanilla legendary siren com for everything besides raids. If you want I could go find my spec.

I go Jacobs a lot on her. Maggie, Gattling Gun, bekka, twister, mukimuk, iron, quad, striker. Never have to worry about elements and cloud kill covers the weakness vs bots.

I used to run jacobs alot, like all i ever used. i found i was using mainly 3 types of builds constantly, breakneck, mirrored, and legendary cat, i was getting tired of running back and forth all the time to change equipment and specs every time i wanted to do something new, so i created this build, which is a combination of the 3, and it turned out pretty well, now i dont ever have to go back to sanctuary and i can use all 3 builds. i had to sacrifice a few perks to make it work, but they were the less important ones in my opinion.

Ahh. I don’t use kr in my normal spec so those five points go elsewhere. I only use the trickster com to cheese bunker.

I just love the balance of the leg siren. So it’s my go to unless I’m raiding or running around with a breakneck.

I rarely solo raid on Maya so I don’t respec her much. Once I beat all the raids once with her I was pretty much good. I farm Pete occasionally and craw once in a while, but other than that nahhh.

I really don’t like the leg cat. Not huge into smgs for mobbing and if I do want to use one I never feel the need for more damage than my usual leg siren setup.

oh man, kr is beast wit mirrored trickster mod, so long as u have ur kill skill active, u r immune to bullets, in fact they heal u, so useful when crowded by enemies, if u r out numbered by like 20 enemies, there is noone but maya who can take em all on,

As far as a FFL weapon my go to has pretty much been the DPUH ever since I found my first one. The only weakness is against enemies at range, otherwise I find it hard to beat…

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Any specific reason you have sub-sequence in there over sustenance, elated or restoration for an all round build? Seems that having a few more points towards your health would help a bit more? Just curious anyways.

Because with Chain Reaction, you’re likely to kill the enemy that’s Phaselocked, right away, Sub-sequence will moved onto the next enemy, Converge again, and keeping your fighting power and crowd control going, i do believe Chain Reaction is especially useful because each reflected shot is an unregistered pellet and can be amped by the bee shield again, meaning shotguns and the like become useful with the bee again. I’m not sure, but this set up may even work if you’re using the legendary binder class, i’ll have to go find one and see how it works out, tho i’ll still probaby use trickster, ive found thats my favorite set up. trickster and sham.