Maya + Antagonist + Kinetic Reflection question

So I got my friend (who plays Maya) an Antagonist shield last night. Beastly stats with 2 Hyperion parts on it (I got tired of waiting for 3 Hyperion parts. It’s good enough now). Anyways, how would the Antagonist statistics of Deflection and Damage Reduction combine with her Kinetic Reflection skill? Would the % for damage reduction be additive? (50% KR + 48% Antagonist = ?). Would it be even more OP to equip Maya with a mod that increases KR even more?

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They don’t stack from what I recall but act independent.

So when a bullet hits you there are essentially 2 rolls and I don’t remember the order but lets say you have both.

First the game rolls a 50% chance to reflect, if that fails to reflect the game rolls a second time with 48% chance, if that fails you get hit.

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At 11/5 Kinetic Reflection, enemy bullets (bullets only) can actually heal your character. That would require 5 points in KR + a Mirrored Trickster with +6 KR. Also, keep in mind that KR is a kill skill and (unlike the Antagonist) is only active for 7 seconds after you kill something. I could be wrong, but I think the Antagonist only requires you to have at least some (meaning greater than zero ) remaining shield capacity for the bullet deflection to actually work. Perhaps @Derch can confirm this?

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