[Maya] Borderlands 2 help and discussion about character overpowered-ness

I always loved the Borderlands series, ever since I played as Lilith in Borderlands 1. I loved seeing Lilith, Brick, Roland, and Mordy return in Borderlands 2, I also felt sad seeing Roland’ s untimely demise and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep made me feel worse at the end. But then again I always felt certain playable characters were a bit overpowered and a few were kinda left behind. As a Maya player I feel I am out of options on how to upgrade my character, even though I am only level 60. While with Salvador I have a Grog in one hand and a DPUH in the other since I was level 35. See with Maya you have to read-only farm forever for a Pimpernal, Sandhawk, or any other weapon that does decent damage against enemies past level 50. I watch players like Joltzdude139 and Killer6 and they excel at the the game whilst I am not excelling and actually seem to be doing progressively worse. This is more of a cry of help and I also think in Borderlands 3 they should try to create the same feel. A little bit overpowered, buy only if you know how to play the character you chose.



all the characters are OP with a good build and gear. We are here to help you out pal. just ask some questions.

For the meantime give us your build (use this http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#000000000000000000000000000000) and loadout.


Hello, this is my build, maybe you could give me pointers? They are just screen shots

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I’ll open by recommending Cloud Kill. There’s nothing for it - unless you find it too powerful.

For the rest, it would be helpful to know which COM(s) you’re using.

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Hello, Jefe, The COM I use is the uh Something Matriarch it gives me about +19,000 Health and +36-39% Magazine size, sorry I don’t know a lot about it I havent played in a while but it does give a biist to a skill which allows you to heal whilst someone is Phaselocked. I forgot the name… sorry I am not much help as I said I haven’t played in a week or two so… ya know sorry hope this helps a little bit, not much but ya know.


That’s a Matriarch com (Angelic, probably?), and the skill is Elated.

This is available to no end if you can get yourself to OP8 at least one single time.


I second cloud kill.

For a level 61 build, i usually would go for something like this. (1 points are for com consideration). http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#415001300014144100002505511511

The skill points in your Matriach class mod i think is Elated which is useless since you are not spec into it. Put at least a point in it for it to work.

If you don’t have a legendary siren yet, try a trickster, binder or cat coms. They are good coms overall.

Res is only good for multiplayer, so if you are a solo player spec out of it.

You can actually use any guns, some weapons only became broken in the OP levels but in UVHM it still works. You just need a source of slag, either with a grenade or a weapon. For Maya ruin will take care of it, but if you’re phaselock is down you might need another source of slag.

What weapons, shield, grenade, relic are you using?

Usually when I am levelling in UVHM, I have a grog nozzle, a good touch/lascaux, a Harold, a corrosive weapon that I came around a fastball/Tesla, adaptive shield or Bee (those are easy to farm items), I use different coms. and i still wear the endowment relic.


nat and I are probably going to say the the same thing at the same time :wink:

  • Flicker is a mostly useless skill - those 5 points should go to Cloud Kill and Helios.
  • Kinetic Reflection’s points will serve you better in Inertia. I usually put one point in KR for a bit of reflection and more Cloud Kill.
  • Fleet is normally only used as an escape valve during raids or to be used with a Rough Rider - put those points into Quicken or Elated.

That Matriarch COM is one of her weaker ones. Aside from those nat mentioned, the Binder is good too.
The Good Touch is a solid gun for UVHM and can be gotten as often as you like. Harold, Hornet - same thing.


I agree with Jefe and Nat. If you’re struggling with damage you will probably want to look for another class mod, as the Matriarch doesn’t provide many damage buffs. If your main damaging gun is a multi pellet gun you should look for a Trickster that boosts Chain Reaction. Just picked up a decent SMG? Go for a Cat COM. If you use one shot one kill guns like Torgue Shotguns, Jakobs Shotguns or Snipers etc. a Binder COM that boosts Reaper will serve you very well.

You don’t need to rely on red text gear when levelling up, there’s so many good non-red text items out there that you can use to great effect, even on OP8. Coach Guns, Quads, Muckamucks, Diaubs, Sniders, Ravagers, Spitters, Miniguns, most Bandit SMGs, Bandit launchers, Thinkings, Synergies just to name a few.


Your screen shot sowed a level 64 Maya so this would be my suggestion. Lots of good and practical advice on class mods and weapons have been offered so allow me to join in with a few suggestions:

Class mod- with Chain Reaction and Kinetic reflection a Blurred or Mirrored Trickster com is what you want for bullet heavy areas. Pair it with an absorb shield for even better results. As mentioned Cat coms boost SMG’s to more than adequate levels of destruction so keep one if you find it.

Relics- until you start farming the LLM in the room just before Bloodwing’s cage in WEP for elemental Bones of the Ancients a cool down relic is one of the best choices you can get IMO. Failing that, travel to Lynchwod, do the quests there and then farm Nisha for a Sheriff’s Badge (and the Deputy’s Badge will boost shotgun damage and reload speed if you use those a lot).

Other weapons- I’m one of the few folks that love a corrosive Veruc (I use it primarily vs buzzards). A.O.E. and singularity grenades are really helpful for controlling mobs along with Converge. Jakobs shotguns on a PL target can OSK a lot of enemies while the Laicaux(?) is always an easy find in Frostburn Canyon (and always on level to IIRC). A PL target is also very easy to snipe so if you find a decent SR experiment with it to see how you like it. Assault rifles (especially the quest reward ones but don’t try to lean on them too much- a purple splitter is a great gun) have a large ammo pool and tend to be ignored by some folks as the do have a reputation for being underwhelming. While a lot are there are a few that really shine- put that large ammo pool to use and try some out. Hope this helps…


Since this has very rapidly turned into a Maya help thread, moved to the right section.

You’re just getting into the part of UVHM where characters can really start to shine thanks to their skills. Maya is an absolute monster built the right way. One thing to remember about the players you mention: they play a LOT, they’ve been playing at max level for years, and they’ve spent a lot of time learning the intricacies of the game mechanics and character skills.

It’s important to remember that each level gained gives you a boost, but also gives the enemies a boost, so if your build isn’t solid and matched with your play-style, you will struggle. You’re already getting lots of good advice on build. Gear-wise, Maya can wreck with a lot of gear - you honestly don’t need the Pimpernel or Sandhawk while levelling since there are plenty of good alternatives you can grab along the way.

Maya was the second character I got to level 72, and I did that with next to no “top tier” gear, just the best at-level green, blue, purple, and e-tech stuff I could find along the way (with a few odd hand-me-downs from Axton). I didn’t even have a DPUH until after she hit 72, and I ignorantly sold the Sandhawk I had! The trick was fixing my build - I based mine off one of @Derch’s builds found in the Maya section.

Just to check, you are slagging your targets, right? The enemy health regen in UVHM makes this an absolute necessity for the vast majority of weapons, but that’s how the developers designed the game.