Maya Builds Please!

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I played as Lilith in BL1 and did enjoy it. I think I’ll give Maya a shot. If anyone has any recommended builds, that would be awesome!

I think what you really want is a “Maya 1-30” guide for starters, but I don’t know if there is one. In my mind, normal mode (first play through) is the time to really experiment since, even if you run into a situation where your skill tree is deficient, you can usually find a weapon to make up for it. Later on, it gets harder to do that, but normal is when you can explore each tree in turn and find what you enjoy best.

The link for the master builds list is in the pinned resources guide. Note that many of these will be a little out-dated because of Maya’s recent skill buffs, but you can have a look and see what appeals. Here you go:

I guess my main problem is that I’m not all that great at figuring out the perfect skills in the long run, and finding all of the super badass gear that everyone has. I have OCD and literally do every side quest in the single game and still miss some weapons.

I always resist leveling guides because I feel leveling and endgame builds are two different things.

While I level I feel you should try skills and see what you like and what works for you. If you dont like a skill, just respec. That’s how you learn. As far as gear goes I often work around what I find and not farm for anything. If I find a Cat com I’ll spec into those skills and use the smgs I find.

I really don’t like leveling guides because that takes out the exploration and experimentation out of it.

Don’t be afraid of making the wrong choice, because that’s how you learn what the right choices are.

I would only ask for help when you hit a wall, or I guess that’s how I roll.

No one learns from getting everything right, we learn from getting it wrong.


That’s very true. Wish me luck! Thanks!

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Also playing with normal gear makes you a better player. I’ve seen a lot of times where people use the perfect gear in normal and the perfect build and then struggle when difficulty hits because the OP gear made it so there was never a challenge.

Having just ok builds and gear forces you to learn good tactics, which later in the game you need no matter the gear.

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Once you get enough points to start hitting second- and third-tier skills and beyond, if you have questions about any of them, just ask when you get there. With this last patch, I really don’t think any of them stink (especially on your first playthrough with her), so you almost can’t go wrong? Reaper, for example, only works with certain bullet types, there’s an art to throwing Scorn to get the best slag chance, Accelerate (presumably your first character with a skill like this) can alter some weapon mechanics, there are management techniques to handling Sub Sequence so it doesn’t “waste” time, you’ll have to try Thoughtlock for yourself (people seem to either love it or hate it), for example.

I always resist leveling guides because I feel leveling and endgame builds are two different things.

That’s why I think the best guides are the ones that cover smaller level ranges, with respecs as you reach certain levels to make the most out of your skill points with what skills are potentially available. As you say, what works best at the endgame is not necessarily what will work at earlier levels without the points available to get the skills that make the endgame build work.

This is how many of the best guides for other games work, as well. Once certain skills become available that are more efficient, you completely change things out to achieve those synergies.