Maya cosplays Jill Valentine (TexMod) PC ONLY


AND NOW I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION LADIES; let’s talk, Class Mods. You know, girl to girl

Resident Evil model against my drawn up Borderlands style model

To see it in action visit my YouTube channel

To run this mod you will need to downloadTexMod from my MediaFile and you will also need my Battlesuit Mod.

If you need help with using the mods, check out this fantastic guide by TheAdipose.

Use either ‘Maya’s original head, Trigger Pull, Admiral Asskick’ or ‘Sleek and Suave’ HEAD - and ‘A Quick Death’ DLC SKIN to get correct colours, Maya’s other Skins will show off her new lights in a Green Tone that doesn’t work as well.

edit: 18-05-2014 - This mod replaces Maya’s normal Vault hunter suit with Resident Evil 5’s very own Battlesuit as worn by Jill Valentine. There are now four replacement heads for this mod. Maya’s original ‘Default’ head is replaced by a Julia Voth cover, ‘Trigger Pull’ has a VERY Wesker feel to it now sporting Umbrella Corp headphones. The ‘Admiral Asskick’ head with S.T.A.R.S beret as worn by Jill in the original Resident Evil, and ‘Sleek and Suave’ head with colour tones true to when Jill’s under Weskers control in Resident Evil 5 and is correct for the Battlesuit. Maya’s face has been remodelled on Julia Voth (the actress for Jill Valentine); facial structure has been re-built with much sharper textures. I’ve put in the time and changed the blue screens and played with the shaders to get the suit to light up the correct way, the lines all match up perfectly and I’ve even modded her lights on the back of the suit to light up the way they do in Resident Evil. I’ve remodelled Maya’s class mods as well, each having some relevance to the Resident Evil world, her in game screens now have Jill pics instead of Maya’s. I’ve modded first-person view as well, the player sees everything from the point of view of the Maya, which includes a view of her hands and equipment, this is also now Jill hands. Also, I have now made it so all 3 texture resolutions (Low/Med/High) now work with this mod, you no longer have to use it in highest quality if your PC is not up to the task.

*Download is from my personal MediaFire account (it’s safe) – The download is quite a bit bigger than the original (99.38MB) as a lot of extra layers have been added to make this.

  • I plan to come back to this project soon and do more heads so it’s worth checking back for more content.
    *Using these mods will not cause any problems with online play.
    *If other modders want a go at playing with these skins I’ve left references to each layer in my Deviant Art SCRAPs folder. If you use them to help in your own work please credit me. Can be found here.
    *If anyone from Gearbox wishes to hire me for any jobs I WILL say yes and move to Texas tomorrow *wink wink (no, seriously… I would)

That is freaking awesome @_@"

Makes me want to play some Resi 5. Love that game Wesker is so hammy in it.

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Beautiful Fashions!!!THANKS!!!

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is the link provided in the video you linked to. Any source of this “” on the web fails as soon as the download starts. I believe this folder contains a virus and is being cancelled by my computer, as all other downloads function perfectly. In addition to this, the direct link you gave leads to an internal 404 error on TombRaiderHUB. Could you please provide another source for this program so I can install your mod? Thank you!

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Sorry for late reply, try this…

I see they took it off their website but I still have that file on my laptop. I’ve uploaded it to my mediafile as well, please let me know if it downloads properly for you.

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I just don’t know why the hell texmod doesn’t work on my pc… if i don’t make any changes the game loads, but if i try to log, or load any skin(including your’s) it just don’t open the game and that “D’ OH” window appears --’

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This looks great, I just wish I had BL2 on PC to use it.

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How do u get Maya’s new battlesuit skin?

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This is a 2-year-old thread, and it appears that this mod (which was for PC only) is no longer available or has been removed by its creator. Locking the thread to prevent further necromancy.

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