Maya Heads & Skins Trade Possibilities

(Brisbane Greg ) #1

I’m trying to complete the set of Maya heads & skins.
What I want;
Heads - Till Death Do Us Part (Henry)
Kawaii Killer (Vermi)
Skins - Azure Wave (Mothrakk)
Lilac Combatant (Terra)
Ninja Rose (Vermi)
Light Urple (Badass Bingo L5)

For some unknown reason, it says I have 94/99 skins, although only these 4 are not on the wiki list.

‘rare’ skins I’ve recently acquired available for trade;
Widowmaker (Sal, Tubby)
Muddy & Bloody (Gaige, Tubby)
Black Widow (Maya, Tubby)
Gold Standard (Sal, Saturn)
Angled Mosquito (Maya, Saturn)
Dahl Predator (Maya, L5 Crouching Tiger)

I also have crazy amounts of gear at all different levels that I’d be willing to part with, or I’d be willing to farm any desired gear.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Nicowonder) #2

if you are still interested, i have the lilac combatant and the XXX for gaige. Also, if you already got anything could you trade me the kawai killer and the community head and skin for maya? or maybe help me farm vermi? i would really apreciate it :smiley:

(Brisbane Greg ) #3

Hi there. I’ve only got 2 maya skins to go now, the Vermi one & the community one. Only one head too - the Kawaii Killer.

I gave up farming skins or heads. Mothrakk stuff falls through the floor & Vermi is so rare. I’ve had Vermi spawn maybe 6 times & I’ve tried for weeks & weeks over the years. I did get every character down to 1-2 heads and 2-6 skins. Holy skagsack it was fun doing crouching tiger with every toon :roll_eyes:

I do keep all the rare heads & skins I find & am happy to give them away or trade them. I know I don’t have the KK head.

My gt is Trathenator. Feel free to add me & maybe we can try & spawn Vermi, or play in general

(Nicowonder) #4

ok cool. i just send you a friend invite and a message

(Brisbane Greg ) #5

Cool, got it.
I live in Australia, or Straya as they it, so timezones might be a prob, but when it’s the weekend it’ll be fine.

I’ll check my Maya heads & skins mule… it’s a 2nd controller mule, so can you look up what you want first?


(Nicowonder) #6

i’m looking for the kawai killer, shrapnel slayer, cold steel and the community event head and skin plss. Also. i’m from Chile in south america, so tell how we can play together

(Brisbane Greg ) #7

When it’s Saturday/Sunday morning for me it’ll be Friday/Saturday night for you.
It’ll work out, I play with peeps in US/Can which I imagine is a similar TZ.

I’ll check the mule a little bit later & let you know about the heads.

(Nicowonder) #8

oh wow cool thanks man!

(Brisbane Greg ) #9

I have 3 Shrapnel Slayer & 2 Cold Steel… soon to be 2 & 1.

I don’t have the comm day ones - these annoy me a little, apparently they can drop, but I’ve played this game a lot & never seen one. It also annoys me when I look at any of my Maya’a and it says 29/30 heads & 98/100 skins… :frowning:

Next time I see you on I’ll drop the heads.

(Nicowonder) #10

can i log in now? its 4 am now but it’ll be worth it xD

(Brisbane Greg ) #11

If ya want to

(Brisbane Greg ) #12

I just saw you come online, so come & join me

(Brisbane Greg ) #13

Cheers for that head. I though I had that one, but didn’t. You rock!