Maya in a crowd

My OP4 Maya is great! Fun to play, and excellent for crowd control … unless there is a crowd.

Yesterday I tried to use her for loot midget farming in the WEP. Before she leaves the first building, she keeps getting overwhelmed by enemies - robots, stalkers, skags, engineers, generally 5-10 at a time. She gets off the first Phaselock just fine. Ruin and Converge and Kinetic Reflection and Chain Reaction do their jobs pretty well.

When they wear off, though, I’m left with a squishy toon with her special ability on cooldown, and with several remaining enemies crowded around her and doing their worst. How do you all deal with situations like this?


One word: Quasar :wink:


Two hyphenated words : Sub-Sequence.


If you’re feeling lazy, as I often do, you can accept the quest for the Trespasser (Animal Rights?) which greatly decreases the number of enemies on the way to le salon de les midgets (grammatical gender always evades me, say sorry). Alternately, you can drop to normal, run to the Creature Slaughter, save/quit, and then kick it back up to UVHM so you can start halfway there. But Sub-Sequence and Quasar are fantastic techniques as well if you’re feeling like making Maya an honest toon. :wink:


If you can try to single out the enemies first, try to go slow at it, don’t go straight in, or you’ll be destroyed immediately.


Sounds like a Legendary Siren would help too. =|


Don’t be hesitant to back up. I basically only play Maya (phase lock addict), and turning tail and running to a previous room while phase lock cools down works very well.
I also prefer, for the most part, to use SMGs with mobs. A legendary Cat and a on-level Hellfire, with magic missiles for slag, works pretty danged well in the WEP. You can keep large groups enemies a bit staggered by spraying hellfire slugs everywhere while PL cools off.


Also- Thoughtlock :wink:


As always, you need to think about which gear you’re using. Even though Blockade, Antagonist, Hellfire and Leg Cat are fantastic items, I always use a Hide of Terra or a FotFH in the creature ares. The spikes and novas stun them, and gives you time to recover. Any Hyperion personnel will suffer the same fate. The loaders needs to be dealt with separately, but they’re usually basic types.

Cooldown, ofc! Leg Siren or Leg Binder are your best options. But one COM that is a great alternative for this specific situation is a Blurred Trickster paired with a good Hyperion shotgun. It can work wonders on a mob. Just make sure to get them all slagged!

And when all else fails… Norfleet. Accept no substitute!