Maya is BACK - DOT damage boost thanks to last game update - new build forecast

I’m not removing a single point from Immolate :smile:

But Flicker now looks like the weakest link on that first half of the tree.

Agreed, I’m dropping it in favor of helios, but keeping my 5 point in Immolate, it’s just too good.

I completely specced out of it and haven’t noticed any difference.

Ayup. I’m sticking with both Immolate and Helios due to the Leg. Binder COM. If I didn’t have that COM, I’d probably drop Helios all-together.

I have a reason to play Borderlands 2 again. yatta

I’m kinda disappointed that Blight Phoenix didn’t get a sizable boost too. It’s just about the coolest looking skill in the game with a way of working that no other skill has in the game. I wish it would have been viable as a way to deal with melee attackers on it’s own at 11/5.

I’m just whining now, I love the changes :smile:
I feel though that the character that got the most out of that update…is actually Gaige.

Maya never left, and now she’s just more of an elemental monster.

The question is what’s worth it ?

Immolate 5/5 (the 5th point only increases your damages by 7% due to diminishing returns)


Helios 5/5 (and 10/5 with Leg Binder, the now famous and to be very played Leg COM) :wink:

What is the real difference between Helios 4/5 (9/5) and Helios 5/5 (10/5) ??

5/5 Immolate isn’t much needed if you’re not going against raid bosses, 4/5 already does a good job anyway, it’s a situational skill after all. It’s nice now to have Cloud Kill and 10/5 Helios for mobbing.

I just specced into Cloud Kill for fun. Running OP8 now and…wow…just wow. I cracked a bit of a smile when a pirate ran through the cloud and got rekt.

There’s no way Cloud Kill makes it through a patch at this strength. It’s melting everything. Phase/converge and throw a bullet in there and things start dying. It’s brilliant.

Same here, on both counts. As much as I love having CK making a mockery of every armored target and at least a pretty barbed joke of everything else, I wish they had scaled down the visual component of Helios a bit.
I love my crits, and they are harder to get with Helios. Possibly I’ll get used to it. Hope so, 'cos I’m not speccing out of it ever again.

Not to derail, but…did something new turn up during the last 2-3 days?

Maya got a boost to 3 skills: all 3 were considered useless. One is now amazing, one is now useful but not game changing and the third one was niche…it’s still niche.

Gaige got a boost to 4 different skills, 2 of which were considered to be useless, one was used only for it’s side effect. The main point though is that they are almost all in her LBT tree and they bring a new level of synergy to the tree ( and 2 of the skills are on the same legendary COM) (where with Cloudkill and Helios…you were already phaselocking and shooting so only your damage output changes) I can now see people trying to make Death from above builds, use IO as a considerable source of damage and actively trying to get crits to activate shock storm.

Maya may have gotten the most out of the update numerically, but from a playstyle standpoint, Gaige is the one that got the most new options opened. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, see what you mean. As discussed in that subforum, if people are making DFA-focused builds they have more imagination than I (or they’re all using Strikers with an adjusted mag count of 1, and even then they’d need more imagination than I have).
I/O did get a nice boost, but…
Eh, I’m not going to nitpick and derail, it’s a very nice patch for both of them (´ω`)

Rational Anarchist :wink:

Pfaugh. Like I wouldn’t spec that? I still lost quite a few stacks on every exchange in spite of 6-7/10 in Typecast Iconoclast…I did see @Wingsday’s maths for how RA is superior, but that would be the point: unless Typecast gets a higher chance to proc, I have to spend much of my time running along the ground like sensible people do.
Not very Gaige-y IMO.

I don’t see the need for TI in what I imagine. Get 25 stacks, jump and shoot until you’re empty(both stacks and ammo), reload, get 25 more stacks. Rinse repeat.

I don’t think it’s compatible with wanting to stay at max stacks. Think of it as a variant of the dischord loop build.

I forsee running that build with something like a butcher or CC being really funny

this has the Twister written all over it :slight_smile:

Well, no.
Now I’m intrigued, though.
I think some mule has a Butcher, and I always decide the utter misery of farming a Twister is worth it.
I’ll give it a spin with both. However, looking at @Overload’s (whose name won’t load) damage numbers for DFA, accounting for constantly low stacks and subtracting 62.5% or whatever it is…
Well, it’s only money, right?

Did I really say that? Oh well.
But yeah, looping RA and DFA was a novel experience but a very rewarding one. It felt odd to rarely get above 30 stacks at OP8, but stuff died. In abundance and with some alacrity.

I really will stop derailing now, but with attention paid to the right gear and after a bit of a learning curve this could be quite exciting.

(Mods, how do you link parts of a discussion over to another? I can start a placeholder thread in the Gaige subforum, or possibly update an ongoing discussion about the patch.)

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My job here is done! :grin: